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Amazing Tech Gifts to Buy for Under $25

On a very tight budget, it may seem hard to give a friend or a loved one some technology or a fascinating device. 

What do you get when you want a nice birthday or “just because” present but can’t break the bank? The majority of the daily items we use cost several hundred dollars. 

Sure, you could always wear socks or a scarf, but it quickly becomes monotonous.

Here, we’ve put up a selection of amazing tech items that you can get for under $25, including a dual headphone stand ($19.99), a reliable USB-C charging cable ($9.99), and other necessities. 

Even while it may not seem thrilling at first, a cable that is 10 feet long and 100 watts strong—enough to charge a full-size MacBook Pro—is a useful present that any techie can appreciate.

Belkin Wireless Magnetic Charger

3-in-1 Wireless MagSafe Charger for iPhone 14 | Belkin | Belkin: US
Image courtesy of


Cheaper and more durable than the MagSafe puck for iPhones made by Apple.

If you know someone with an iPhone 13 or 14, they may have heard of a cool technique to wirelessly charge their device using magnets (insert strong jazz hands). 

Suppose you want a charger or portable battery that magnetically connects and charges rapidly. 

In that case, Apple’s MagSafe standard may still be underbaked and expensive, but other manufacturers offer a ton of magnetic chargers that cost less. 

A fantastic example is the Belkin Magnetic Wireless Charger, which has a cable that is 6.6 feet long as opposed to the 3.3 feet of Apple’s MagSafe puck. 

Even though the 7.5W limit means it won’t charge as quickly, the long cable makes it more useful as a bedside charger because it gives you enough slack to use your phone while connected. 

The best part is that it is now on sale for $13.99 on Amazon with a 20W USB-C power converter.

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USB-C to USB-C cable for Uni (10 feet)

Image courtesy of uniAccessories


An extended braided cable for charging laptops. A charging cord that is too short is inconvenient, even for those who work from home. 

The wires that come with most computers and other devices need longer for many commonplace scenarios. 

Even bigger laptops that need a lot of power may operate with considerably more freedom thanks to this long USB-C connection from Uni. 

It only costs $19.99 at Amazon, with regular sales and coupons bringing down the price to as little as $8.19. 

It supports 100 watts, sufficient for the most recent 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Aluminum laptop stands for Besign LS10

Besign LS10 Aluminum Laptop Stand, Ergonomic Adjustable Notebook Stand,  Silver | eBay
Image courtesy of eBay


Give the gift of improved posture and neck comfort. When working from home on a laptop, a friend or loved one should not have to strain their neck. 

In addition to improving your posture, raising a laptop to eye level enhances your appearance during video conversations. 

On Amazon, the Besign LS10 laptop stand usually costs $24.99, although it is sometimes reduced to under $20. 

It effortlessly sets up to the height you want and folds away when not in use, thanks to its adjustable hinge construction. 

Additionally, with a 13-pound weight limit, it is sturdy enough to support even some large full-size computers.

Battery ZMI PowerPack 10,000mAh

Image courtesy of gadgetflow


How can a power bank appear respectable? Dress it with herringbone material.

Many power banks are available, but not all of them provide a large capacity, quick charging, and stylish design at a reasonable price. 

But for about $15.99, the ZMI PowerPack 10,000mAh power bank checks every box. 

You can rapidly refuel your gadgets thanks to its two-way USB-C connector, which can produce up to 18 watts with Power Delivery. 

Additionally, for that added fineness, its chassis boasts a beautiful herringbone-like fabric pattern (monocles and sweater vests are not required but appreciated).

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Moray Driver Kit from iFixit

Image courtesy of iFixit


For the people in your life who think they can solve it alone. The iFixit Moray Driver Kit is a wonderful present for anybody who enjoys tinkering and is handy. 

The little kit comes with 32 screwdriver bits, ranging from flathead and Phillips to torx, pentalobe, hex, and tri-point, and a magnetic bit driver with a cunningly concealed SIM eject tool. 

Even an iPhone standoff bit exists for unobstructed access to internal logic circuits. 

For $19.99 at Amazon or directly from iFixit, you can give your gift recipient almost everything they need to do weekend tasks or make minor repairs (like replacing an aging battery in their phone).

Aux Bluetooth Receiver

Image courtesy of


Make an elderly driver of an automobile seem a little more contemporary. Nowadays, it’s widely accepted that automobiles are becoming mobile technology appliances. 

For many people, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are more important than horsepower and drivetrain. 

However, for those who continue to drive older vehicles devoid of these contemporary amenities, a simple device like a Bluetooth adaptor may significantly enhance a commute or enjoy a long road trip. 

Despite having a rather plain appearance and costing only $16.99 on Amazon, this Bluetooth Aux Receiver connects to up to two devices over Bluetooth 5.0 and plugs into a 3.5mm aux port. 

It’s a straightforward, no-frills solution to conduct hands-free phone calls while driving and listen to all your music and podcasts.

3-in-1 Retractable Charging Cable from Asicen

Image courtesy of


Never before has a cable been so practical. When it comes to the “I didn’t realize I needed this, but now I can’t live without it” quotient, this present idea is off the charts. 

With Lightning, USB-C, and Micro USB ports on these retractable 3-in-1 charging cables, you can connect to almost any device anywhere. 

They’re ideal for vehicles, particularly when sharing a single USB port for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functions with two or more individuals. 

If you sometimes need to charge a wireless mouse or keyboard and want a cord on hand, they can assist in keeping your workplace organized. 

All that functionality is available on Amazon for either $13.99 (in white) or $11.99 (in black) for a pair.  This gift suggestion is ideal for bringing together any family split between Apple and Android users.

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Beam Electronics phone holder for vehicles

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The majority of current automotive head units are still inferior to a phone. Look, most automobile head units still have issues, even with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

Having a phone affixed to the dashboard through an air vent is useful for almost everyone. 

Simple to assemble and use, this Beam Electronics basic vehicle mount retails for $12.99 on Amazon. 

If a person has a gigantic phone, they may place it on the cradle, secure it, and then go. Even during enthusiastic driving, it won’t slip out of the holder, yet it releases quickly by pressing a button on the rear.

Wired earbuds KZ ES4

KZ ES4 In Ear Monitors Armature And Dynamic Hybrid Headset Ear Earphone  Earbuds HiFi Bass Noise Cancelling Ear Hooks Headphones|Earphones &  Headphones| - AliExpress
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Give the Luddism gift. Yes, the era of truly wireless earphones is here. However, even the most affordable OnePlus Nord Buds are still more than $25. 

The KZ ES4, presently on sale on Amazon in blue, black, and green, is inside our price range. 

The 3.5mm wired earbuds seem different from just about any other earbud on the market thanks to their detachable cords and transparent, see-through construction. 

These earbuds are fantastic and intriguing for the price, making them ideal for anybody who values spending time with their music without the weight of large, expensive headphones. 

They are a suitable present for anybody who likes unusual things, but make sure they still use an iPod or that their phone still has a headphone connector.

JLab Go Air Wireless Bluetooth

Image courtesy of scarbir


You can find some decent wireless earphones for around $25. The JLab Go Air is platform-independent and provides the bare minimum in wireless earbuds, but it isn’t easy to disagree with their pricing. 

Even though they have a $30 MSRP, they are often offered for far less than that. For instance, you can now get them in various colors on Amazon for $14.99. 

There may be better ideas than giving these to someone with a pair of AirPods or headphones with active noise cancellation. 

Still, at such a low price, their IPX4 water resistance and five hours of battery life (or 21 hours with the charging case included) help them make a strong case for themselves.

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Apple AirTags or Tile Mate

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For those who often forget. A GPS tracker could save the life of someone you know who is prone to losing their most important daily possessions, such as their wallet or keys. 

There are now a few choices to think about for this present. The Tile Mate is a solid choice for Android and iOS users, while the Apple AirTags is a wonderful choice if they use an iPhone. 

While the AirTags drop below our budget price of $25, they typically sell for $29 unless they’re on sale. 

If you need to know what phone your present recipient uses, the Tile Mate, which costs $24.99 at Amazon, Best Buy, and Target, is the safer purchase.

Turtle Beach React-R controller or PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

Image courtesy of TrueAchievements


A budget controller that is often discounted to a little under $25. The PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller is affordable for Windows computers and Xbox consoles. 

Sure, it lacks wifi capability, but its sole other flaw is that the detachable cable it utilizes has an outdated Micro USB connection. 

Other than its asking price, this controller works better than expected. This controller is made by PowerA and comes in various colors and styles. 

It usually costs $37.99, but you can nearly always get one on sale for under $25. 

It was chosen as the best value choice in our shopping guide, and if you know a gamer who needs a wired controller with some color, this is a terrific idea.




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