12 Amazing Smartwatch Features You Didn’t Know About

Smartwatches are not just gear to wear but have become very popular among athletes and fitness freaks. It comes with a lot of features enhancing its significance and fame globally. These features incorporate a fitness tracker, GPS tracker, built-in speaker, and much more than this. But most of the users do not know what their smartwatch is capable of doing. If you are one of them, you need to stick to this post to know exactly what features your smartwatch possesses.

These features include;
  • Time display up to your terms
  • Healthy sleep
  • Stay fit & healthy
  • Stay in connection
  • Stay in operation
  • Battery lifesaver
  • Speedometer
  • Camera spy
  • Audio recorder
  • Flipper coin
  • YouTube android
  • Wear toggles

The following video briefly introduces the smartwatches for beginners:


Smartwatch Features You Should Know About

1. Display Time According To Your Terms

The days are gone when you had to cling to the boring watch style only because you have bought it. These days smartwatches come with a number of contraptions and the digital ability to adjust the time they show. This allows any smart watch owner to change things when they feel the need.

2. Healthy Sleep

The busier and tense we get, the less we are going to sleep, therefore finding techniques to maximize the quality of the sleep that we get is vital. Nowadays, smartwatches are provided with their own dedicated iOS and Android apps that may be combined with your smartwatch and follow up on your sleep schedule and various tasks.

3. Stay Fit & Healthy

Now you have to spend hours of discomfort developing and growing muscles if you are a professional athlete or fitness conscious. However, it makes sense for you to set little objectives that will help you achieve in a subsequent stage if you are a busy professional who is trying to increase your fitness game. Perhaps you might start by digging in and walk more. Maybe every day, you should begin with 5000 steps. Most intelligent cartridges and fitness trackers can help you track the number of steps and help you track the number of calories you burn.

4. Stay In Connection

Most current smartwatches enable you to follow the most crucial notifications while on the go. It is worth checking every e-mail on your Mac or mobile device as that would be time-consuming.

Since every time someone calls or emails the smartwatch notifies you, you may simply reply to those who matter and disregard those who do not. If you ask us, it is a huge time saver!

5. Stay In Operation

Maintaining time is simply a little bit of what smart watches can do because they are fit for doing so much. Smartwatch models are arguably one of today’s most successful instances of wearable technology and allow us to live an active and good life if we choose. Most smartwatches have many sensors which can assist you to track activities such as walking, sleeping, exercising, etc. It can also be coupled with other apps and devices that can help you get the best out of whatever activity you want.

6. Battery Life Saver

You do not have to spend so much time charging your smartphones or tablets when you own a smartwatch that you can stay up with most of the major notifications on your watch. When the smartwatch is charged rapidly for 1.5 hours, four days of active use and 14 days of passive standup time are required.

7. Speedometer

Most smartwatches on Android wear are integrated with the GPS sensor and your phone does, if not. A Speed Wear app transforms any smartwatch into an all-inclusive speed meter. Speed Wear shows users their current speed, average speed, and high speed and saves everything to the application. This is great to run, bike, walk or just to use and try while a road trip in a car.

The program offers a number of units including KM/H, MPH, and Knots, and offers ambient mode with large, clear writing to improve readability. It can be set from the last screen. Due to its GPS chip inside the watch and phone, some gadgets may not be 100 percent accurate.

8. Camera Spy

It essentially allows the smartphone or tablet to be seen as a remote viewfinder. LookBehind enables users to record video on their smartphone or tablet, and the software will stream video directly to your bracket. Let users see what is behind them, behind a corner, or even in a close spot when they are working on a vehicle or sink. It is all doing it.

LookBehind even starts the camera on the turned-off smartphone and starts streaming footage immediately. Set up, and we are watching the app. Swiping up and down zooms in or out (on smartphones), and a few battery meters demonstrate that the smartphone is battery-long.

9. Audio Recorder

We paired Wearable Audio Recorder with one of the several applications, so users can simply record audio using the embedded microphone in any Android smartphone. Even though the watch face is off, and even echo suppression and noise filters are available to enhance the sound collection, it can be started and run in the background.

Wear audio recorder can also be uploaded to Google Drive, Dropbox, and any other cloud storage alternatives at once, and is protected by device law.

10. Flipper Coin

One of those nice little things that are always helpful to have, finally but not least. Nobody uses currency these days. But when you have to spin a coin to choose what restaurant you are going to eat, who makes the food, or other harsh decisions, spin a coin and let your watch choose for you.

Coin Flipper is precisely what you would expect for Android Wear. “Ok, Google’s all it takes to start coin flipper.” Your watch will bring a coin up, and then you will choose heads or tails. It is the small stuff that matters.

There are hundreds of apps in the Android Wear Play Store, and more every day, but we hope that this list can provide users with some additional fancies with their wristwatch.

11. YouTube Android

It sounds a little meaningless by watching YouTube videos on a 1.5 inches screen strapped to your wrist and not a large five inches smartphone.

The Android Wear video syncs to YouTube and allows users to cruise through YouTube videos, search for a particular video and play it immediately on your SmartTube display. It’s kind of clean and fun and you’d show your friends more than you would actually do. The better, however, the more you know.

12. Wear Toggles

This may not be as mysterious, but wear owners may use their smartwatch to enable multiple settings on their smartphone using applications like Toggles Wear. Turn on or off Wi-Fi (like you come home) instantly, tethering, Bluetooth, up/down/silent volumes, or even activate the LED on a smartphone, which is yet another feature of us here today.

Toggles Wear will also allow users who are walking in Starbucks to find and connect their phone to wireless Internet connections, or even to find the missing smartphone we already discussed. It’s a clever and valuable app.


There must be many features that you did not know about your smartwatch. Buying a smartwatch means a massive investment that you’d make, so it would be best if you utilize it productively. Though, the best features still are fitness tracker and GPS tracker. So, from now on, it will be easier for you to appreciate all the features.

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