AirPods Who? The Best Alternatives for 2023

There’s no disputing that AirPods are a fast, simple, and handy method for iPhone users to stream music or make calls while on the move, but they are only sometimes the most affordable or comfortable option. 

The top AirPod replacements available, whether you’re seeking wireless earbuds with a little more comfort or switched to Android.

Some earbuds could include active noise cancellation (ANC) to drown out loud sounds, while others are more appropriate for physical exercise. 

We also provide affordable AirPod substitutes if money is limited and choices for audiophiles wanting the highest possible sound quality.

To determine the finest models, hundreds of pairs of wireless earbuds for fit and comfort, usability and connection, audio performance, noise-canceling features, portability, and other factors. 

Whether you’re searching for crystal clear music, outstanding noise cancellation, or a pair you can trust during intense sweat sessions at the gym, the choices below include our top AirPods substitutes for 2023.

What To Search For While Purchasing Earphones

Several brand-new, truly wireless earbuds and some less incredible models are available. 

Superior music quality, effective noise isolation or cancellation, a long battery life, and a durable carrying case with integrated charging are all characteristics of high-grade earbuds. 

After that, think about the following:


Your Bluetooth device and earbuds should link and connect without any issues. Apple users need to confirm that the earbuds enable pairing. 

Most devices allow this, so Android users have their choice of the bunch.

Noise reduction

Look for conference calls with better noise cancellation if you often join them while you’re out and about. 

Active noise cancellation (ANC) headphones are designed to effectively create a mirror image sound wave in your ear to drown out outside noise.

Resistance to water

Choosing a set of water-resistant or completely waterproof earphones is advisable if you want to use them for exercise, sports, or other activities where you may sweat. 

A high IP (ingress protection) rating of at least IPX6 is preferred. They are more water-resistant the higher the number.

Ear advice:

One of the most crucial things to think about is this. 

You will only obtain an excellent sound from ear tips that are too large or shallow to seal correctly with your ear canal. Also, you run the danger of losing them quickly.

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Battery duration:

The average playing duration for earbuds is between three and five hours; however, this is often only partially accurate. 

It’s crucial to note the circumstances under which the battery life test was conducted. 

Therefore read carefully whether the case is a charger since some manufacturers may list the battery life as a mix of playing time and the battery for the charging case.


The earpieces of more costly AirPods equivalents will contain control buttons or sensors so you can adjust the volume, skip a track, provide voice commands, or answer calls. 

Some also have voice assistant features, while others have applications to extend functionality.

Charging situation

A charging case that stores and recharges your wireless earbuds is included with the majority of AirPods replacements, but not all of them. 

Look for ones with robust casings that can handle an active lifestyle if this is essential to you.

1. Best overall alternative to AirPods

Sony WF-1000XM4 Totally Wireless Earbuds

Image courtesy of NextPit

AT AMAZON, $278 At Walmart, $278; at B&H Photo, $278

  • OS assistance: Android/iOS
  • Battery power: 8 hours or 24 hours (on a single charge) (with charging case)
  • Noise-canceling: Yes
  • IP score: IPX4

These buds are the best wireless headphone option, with solid noise cancellation, long battery life, and simple connection. 

The extra price tag is well justified since the new model is slimmer, smaller, and more water-resistant than the previous one (IPX4). 

These wireless earbuds are appropriate for all levels of exercise thanks to the silicone ear-tips excellent fit and variety of sizes, from highly tiny to enormous.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Dependable noise cancellation
  • A relaxed fit


  • Greater cost than AirPods

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Real Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Earbuds from Skullcandy

Skullcandy Sesh Truly Wireless Review -
Image courtesy of

AT AMAZON $29, $20 at LENOVO.COM and $28 at WALMART

  • OS assistance: Android/iOS
  • Battery power: (Single Charge) 3.5 hours, 12 hours (with case)
  • Noise-canceling: No
  • IP score: IPX4

These Skullcandy true wireless earbuds are the most economical option available and provide many features, like a noise-isolating fit, water resistance, and control buttons on each earpiece. 

The earphones’ integrated Tile locating technology, which should help you find your earbuds if they fall out of your ears, will be tested even though we have yet to analyze this model in the lab. 

We like that you may obtain up to 12 hours with the case, even if we wish the single-charge battery life were more than 3.5 hours. 

Three earphone tips are also supplied with the small, portable case to help you find the proper fit.


  • Good value
  • Integrated Tile technology to locate misplaced earbuds
  • A compact and little case


  • Improved battery life is possible.

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True Wireless Earbuds EarFun Air

Image courtesy of phandroid

Currently, 24% off AT AMAZON, $50 AT WALMART, $63.

  • OS assistance: Android/iOS
  • Battery power: 35 hours or 7 hours on a single charge (with charging case)
  • Noise-canceling: No
  • IP score: IPX7

If you’re on a budget, you’ll need help finding a better set of genuine wireless earphones. They provide excellent battery life with exceptional audio quality and noise isolation characteristics. 

We also suggest the EarFun Air Pro 2 model if you want full noise-canceling features and have a little additional cash to spend. 

But be aware that no matter which pair you choose, you will only experience other typical drawbacks of budget sets, such as poor connection.


  • Under $60
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Water-resistant


  • Absence of active noise cancellation

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Earbuds Bose QuietComfort II

Image courtesy of aihamdtech


  • OS assistance: Android/iOS
  • Battery power: 6 hours or 24 hours on a single charge (with charging case)
  • Noise-canceling: Yes
  • IP score: IPX4

The “greatest noise cancellation in the world,” according to Bose, is included in these earphones, and we may have to agree. 

Due to the remarkable active noise-canceling technology and the exceptional Bose sound quality, Bose’s first-generation QuietComfort earbuds eliminated all outside noise throughout our testing. 

The most recent model maintains robust noise-canceling technology but goes one step further by adapting the sound performance to your ear canal.

Bose did increase the overall battery life when combined with the charging case, even if the single-charge battery life may be somewhat greater than 6 hours (raising it from 18 to 24 hours). 

In addition, there is a useful 20-minute rapid charge option.


  • Incredible sound quality
  • 20-minute fast charging capability
  • Weather and sweat resistance


  • Greater cost than AirPods
  • Battery life on a single charge might be improved.


Wireless Beats Powerbeats Pro earphones

Beats PowerBeats Pro review: Apple's fitness AirPods rock | Apple | The  Guardian
Image courtesy of theguardian

Currently, 20% off AT AMAZON, $200 AT WALMART, $187

  • OS assistance: Android/iOS
  • Battery power: 24 hours, 9 hours (on a single charge) (with charging case)
  • Noise-canceling: No
  • IP score: IPX4

Apple’s AirPods and other earbuds also function flawlessly with iPhones. Beats’ completely wireless headphones are equipped with some of the most cutting-edge technologies thanks to the Apple H1 headphone processor. 

Get hands-free voice help from Siri, our buddy, and simple touch controls.

These earbuds have four different ear tip sizes for you to choose from, and they latch around your ear so that you will retain them quickly. 

But the most significant part is their excellent battery life (9 hours of playback time and more than 24 hours with the charging case). 

While we classified these Beats as being for iPhone users, they are also compatible with Android. The IPX4 classification implies they are perfect for demanding workouts. Win-win. 

As they lack noise-cancellation, a must-have feature, look instead at the Beats Fit Pro Earbuds, winner of the Good Housekeeping 2023 Fitness Awards.


  • Exceptional battery life
  • iOS pairing is simple.
  • Firmly with a hook


  • Pricey
  • Avoiding wireless charging




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