9 Smart Cycling Products That Are a Game Changer

Last updated on April 3rd, 2023 at 05:57 pm

In the world of cycling, new items are always emerging. Below, we list a few of the year’s most noteworthy new releases.

Years’ Long-Sleeved Jersey

It’s difficult to find a good long-sleeved jersey, which is unfortunate for many bikers in Australia. 

With the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world, it is crucial to use sunscreen, practice good hygiene, and limit your exposure to dangerous UV radiation.

Nothing is worse than a long-sleeved jersey with too-short sleeves, and regrettably, some models from larger brands are also short on the wrists while a rider is in the drops. 

Red-striped wrists are a no-no if you’re attempting to keep sun savvy! The Opera from Ciovita has been our go-to jersey for the last several months. 

From cold early mornings to bright, sunny afternoons, this high-quality long-sleeve has always performed well. 

This LS jersey, like others made by the business, has generous sleeve lengths that completely protect the arm even while in the drops and other hand positions.

In Australia, Ciovita is a very young company, and it’s true that kit businesses may come and go very rapidly. 

We regard Ciovita extremely highly, especially their long-sleeved jerseys and their distinctive winter puffer, the Apex Contego, considering their history, reputation, and quality clothing in South Africa.

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Year’s Best Bike Security Equipment

More than ever, bike security is essential, yet tragically, we hear of more and more bikes being lost.

Investing in a cheap bottle cage or saddle tag holder from Lezyne is a clever way to aid in the recovery of a lost bicycle. 

You may wonder, “How would a bottle cage help me discover my bike? These cages, however, include a secret Apple AirTag holder.

The business also sells the Matrix Saddle Tagger, which covertly fastens below a bike seat by clamping onto its rails, in addition to the bottle cages. 

The saddle rails are attached to the IP67 waterproof-rated twist-lock design, which is kept together by a thin yet powerful security bolt.

AirTags normally have a range comparable to that of Bluetooth devices, but Apple’s “Find My” network makes it possible to locate stolen or lost bicycles almost everywhere there is a phone connection. 

Apple claims that the Find My network is a crowdsourcing method of connecting a huge number of Apple devices to find lost objects equipped with an AirTag. 

The owner is then informed of their general position via the Find My app.

The Matrix Saddle Tagger, Matrix Air Cage, and Matrix Cycle Tagger are available from Lezyne, and we believe they are deserving contenders for Security Gear of the Year.

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Year’s Newest Supplement and Nutrition

Pillar Performance, an Australian business, seems to be rapidly gaining popularity. We have been examining a number of their health support and micro-nutrition items over the last three months or so. 

It is simple to see why Pillar is expanding quickly at this moment.

Our top product, the Triple Magnesium, combines three carefully selected types of magnesium to lessen cramps and promote relaxation and recuperation.

The magnesium mixture has shown to be quite successful in relieving crippling cramps.

During the 2022 Bowral Classic, we spoke with the Pillar team about our persistent cramps, and they revealed that the three forms of magnesium employed were the key to the product’s effectiveness.

Magnesium is crucial for heart health in general, as well as for reducing cramps, insomnia, and overall sleepiness.

The Triple Magnesium supplement from Pillar Performance comes in three flavors: Natural Berry, Pineapple Coconut, and Tablet. We now regularly utilize it and heartily endorse it.

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The Cleat Key, 2017’s Smart Release

This is undoubtedly one of those rare new products that truly sticks out from the crowd. Every rider can fit their road bike cleats correctly with the aid of the Cleat Key. 

With the aid of this high-quality instrument, the ideal position may be established without tedious trial and error.

One of the most crucial fitting measures is where the cleat should be placed since it helps to guarantee optimal power and performance while lowering the danger of repetitive strain injuries.

With this, setting up a new pair of shoes is simple. At the workplace, we have a sample model that works well! The Cleat-Key retails for $US89 and is available online directly from the manufacturer.

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Year’s Newest Tire Release

The new Corsa N.EXT tubeless-ready tire from Vittoria was just released; it is comprised of a special compound technology that mixes Graphene with Silica, a substance that especially enhances the performance of road tires.

When silica is combined with graphene, the performance of the tire is improved, consistently resulting in longer mileage and grip.

The tire has a nylon casing and bridges the gap between the Pro Competitive and Advance Training types.

According to the headline stats, there is 9% reduced rolling resistance, 32% greater grip, and a claimed 21% higher puncture resistance.

Vittoria claims that its engineers concentrated on the needs of avid cyclists who log the miles on lengthy and strenuous weekly rides when creating the 100 TPI (thread per inch) nylon casing. 

They claim that these riders are competitive and always seeking to enhance their riding abilities.

The middle portion of the casing has three layers of nylon and an extra belt that increases puncture protection. 

The bead is wrapped with a chafer, an additional layer of protective nylon, which further increases the tire’s resistance. 

The cutting-edge bead was created to make installation and inflation of tires for both tube-type and tubeless designs easier.

Now on sale with RRPs between $86.95 and $98.95. Find out more at your local GKA Sports or Vittoria retailer.

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Shoe of the Year for Cycling

The Tempo Decos carbon cycling shoes from Fizik have so pleased seasoned Bicycling Australia writer and reviewer Peter Maniaty that he has named them as the year’s best new cycling shoe.

The Tempo Decos has a bright, minimalistic, and very European appearance. 

The review shoes (size 44) measured an amazing 490g for the pair, or 245g each, with Shimano blue cleats affixed. They come in broader sizes and fit true to size.

The Decos’ backward cleat location is another intriguing piece of technology. 

In an attempt to maximize pedalling efficiency and reduce knee pressure in more aerodynamic riding stances, Fizik has positioned the cleat bolt holes a little farther back than typical riding shoes.

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Light of the Year’s Rear

Despite being a less well-known brand in the bike light industry, MagicShine almost always receives favorable feedback when mentioned at local bike shops.

We have been using the SeeMee 200 backlight for about six months, and it is fantastic.

Given their little size and affordable price, these compact, square-shaped lights provide a surprising amount of technology in addition to excellent illumination. 

Instead of a red lens cover, the SeeMee has a colored LED light, and the bottom has a secondary, downward-pointing light that lights the back wheel. 

This was comforting during cold rides and helps to offer sight that is almost 360 degrees. The lights include a wide range of functions and an integrated braking sensor. 

The brake is internally activated by an abrupt change in speed and illuminates for three seconds at 200 lumens. Up to 50 hours of battery life are conceivable. 

The light includes a micro USB charging connector that is discreetly concealed behind a rubber flap on the mount and is also waterproof.

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Zwift Hub & Wattbike Atom are the winners of The Smart Trainer

Since smart trainers are so crucial to riding, we chose two very different models—one at the entry-level price range and the other more akin to a Rolls Royce of the market—as “Gear of the Year” winners.

Smart trainers have developed into some of the most crucial supporting tools for cycling over the last five or so years. 

If you go through your Strava feed or see riders warming up at any professional race, you’ll notice that smart trainers are essential to every facet of our sport.

The Wattbike Atom continues to be our top pick for people searching for a more robust smart trainer that is pro-gym ready, constructed like a tank, yet very precise.

Over the last two years, Bicycle Australia has been doing extensive testing on a Wattbike Atom. 

The trainer is the coziest, most realistic, and most dependable smart trainer we’ve ever used. It also stays almost quiet and is in very new condition. 

While it is the Rolls Royce of indoor trainers, the $5K price tag in Australia is comparable to that of a mid-range bicycle.

The Atom is unquestionably hefty in every sense, weighing well over 40 kg and costing just under $5000 at retail. But it also has every training element you could want, is foolproof, quick to set up and customize.

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Solar Garmin Edge

Garmin is likely to have been included in the trip at some point for riders who have been riding for ten years or more. 

Recall famous items like the Edge 500 or 605… Back in the day, almost every bike had these iconic units, however, they are now outdated.

The Edge 1040, a new bike computer from Garmin, has solar charging. 

The placement of the gadgets on a bike computer makes it ludicrously obvious to use solar power as it is our most abundant (and least expensive) energy source.

The Edge 1040 is our choice for the best technological advancement of the year since it incorporates solar power and has a battery life that is up to 10 times longer than its aforementioned predecessors.

The features are too many to name, but the inbuilt multi-band GNSS satellite tracking and remarkable accuracy stand out. 

The item is easy to use and has useful features like automated route re-routing for those who sometimes miss a turn. 

There is a straightforward USB-C charging connector. The ClimbPro function also helps in planning forthcoming climbs by displaying color-coded gradient changes.

It is one of the biggest bike GPS / computers out there, measuring 90mm diagonally across the 282470px color touch screen. Indeed, it is loaded with capabilities.

The excellent Edge 1040 comes stocked with all the essentials, but this luxury does have a cost.  For the privilege of utilizing one of the best bike computers in the world, budget around $1000.

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