9 Necessary Gadgets to Have in An 18 Wheeler Truck

In an 18 wheeler to carry some essential gadgets are really important while looking at the practical gadget which adds something extra to your 18 wheeler some of the basic and important gadgets are mentioned below which includes a diverse mixture of gadget which will make your life easier on the road.

These gadgets will increase the level of comfort and a better standard road experience practical truck driving equipment, the right tool at the right time and place is such a blessing.

If one is an experienced driver then one would probably find there a way one will like to set up for the road. A tool that will make your day a little easier is:

Trucker Tough Tablet Mount Holder

  • It is a GPS and smartphone/tablet holder which will work for the truck cabs motion
  • It will help you to guide your way in an easier way
  • You’ll find many holders in the market but all will not fulfill your requirement
  • The solid pivoting arm on these mount makes it sturdy making it resist the jostles and bumps on the bumpiest road
  • It holds your device with a full grip and you don’t have to be worried for your device to be falling down

The Air Hawk truckerSeat Cushion

  • The truck needs every possible aid for a long time behind the wheels.
  • If the truck driver is driving for long enough around 10 hours or so, which cause a toll on one lower back and cause sciatic nerves
  • If the driver is experiencing any pain such cushion on the truck of your seat will give relief of your pain.

Road Pro Portable Stove

  • Finding good food during traveling is hard and even if you find one cannot eat the same food for long. Everyone wants a change in their food taste.
  • One’s vehicle should have kitchen facilities to avail the facility of good food one wants to eat.
  • The road pro portable stove is the best to fulfill your needs and provide you with a better cooking experience in just not time.
  • It is just like a lunch box which will help you to keep your food warm for a long time or even for a day
  • Its size is just of the tackle box but it will serve all the purpose of the truck driver on the road
  • This portable stove gadget is excellent to heat the frozen food
  • You just have to plug it into the truck 12-volt power outlets and should reach 300 degrees on its highest setting
  • The foil liner pans will fit atop the heating element helping your stove to be kept clean.

Power Station

  • The best power stations that you can keep in your truck are goal zero yetis 1400 because it doesn’t cause any issues and can be used for years without any fault.
  • It can help you to charge your smartphones and tablets and could also power televisions and small power tools.
  • It can also power many gadgets such as domestic cfx and others.
  • It has 10 charging ports which also include 3 USB ports and two ac plugs supporting any kind of charging cables or switch.
  • It also has Wi-Fi connectivity, which is controlled through your smartphone as a remote.
  • The connected devices can also turn off the ports and can update the checking of power levels and firmware

 Portable Refrigerator

  • The portable refrigerator known as electric cooler offers the truck driver with dual-zone versality
  • It provides with the ability to store frozen good and store refrigerator at the same time
  • The advanced technology of the cooling compressor consumes less power
  • It gives a great performance and continues to even function in the frigid cold and high heat
  • It can be operated by the solar power or aac and dc
  • The portable refrigerator can be run efficiently without even completely sapping the truck’s battery power.
  • When the portable refrigerator has a low charge, the cooler automatically shuts down and starts to recharge which is a very compatible feature.
  • However, each zone temperature is set through the digitally controlled panel through a Wi-Fi connection or through a unit itself
  • The portable refrigerator also has a feature of interior led lights.
  • It is a very useful gadget to keep in the truck for long routes

Coffee maker

  • While you’re traveling you can get tired and also feel sleepy which is a dangerous thing and can be a cause of an accident.
  • However, the portable coffee box will help you to stay awake and take your pains away.
  • The coffee box can be plugged into three-prong powers outlets and works with the coffee pod
  • The coffee maker is very easy to use and doesn’t take much space in your truck
  • The portable coffee machine is made up of BPA free plastic and metal components
  • It doesn’t weigh too much and also contains a feature which is known as the retractable power cord
  • The crush-proof and impact resistant design of the coffee maker gives a sign that it can take a beating while on the road  without even affecting its ability to brew a cup of coffee

The dashcam

  • The dashcam record videos from a wide-angle on a constant loop
  • Dashcam provides very simple hand-free methods which help in recording the road should an incident occur.
  • Each video that has been recorded captures by the cam is in high definition 1080p of about 30 frames per second and saves to the micro card which is 8 GB
  • The built-in GPS in the dashcam recorder records the data which provides feedback about different location routes and speed through the drive via Google maps
  • The f1.6 six glass lens and the wide dynamic range in the cam recorder allows it to capture a very clear night-vision video

GPS device

  • The truck drivers can drive almost for 11 hours. which is hectic
  • Any kind of gadget which eases the load is a plus point.
  • The GPS devices help as a competent co-driver for the long drives
  • A good quality GPS device will give active lane guidance, landmarks, and the traffic updates
  • It should also have the voice-activated navigation feature
  • It helps to avoid traffic that will keep the maps open the whole day and night. it will help the truck driver for better and less time-consuming traveling


  • While truckers are driving they have a lot to worry about their life worries 
  • They face a lot of danger while they are answering calls  as without answering call they get stressed enough
  • If they incase get distracted and leaves the staring there could be a big accidents
  • So headsets are very essential for the drivers so they could drive and talk simultaneously

Truck drivers play a very important job in the economy; it takes a special skill of driving, patience, and preparation, and most importantly attention to the surroundings.

It’s the toughest job and even becomes tougher due to the changing weather and driving conditions which can’t be controlled by the driver.  what the driver can control is that he keeps all the truck driving equipment in his 18 wheeler. However, above are all the essential gadgets that one should keep while they are traveling around in their 18 wheeler. Hope it’s beneficial.

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