8 Winning Sales Deck Examples for Prospecting

Last updated on March 5th, 2023 at 10:45 pm

Every successful salesperson requires a set of tools they can use to swiftly convert leads into customers and convey value effectively. 

These materials often come in the form of a sales deck. Mixing words, images, and the presenter’s charm is a tried-and-true strategy. 

Also, it is a simple strategy to modify for various audiences and situations so that you may scale your sales efforts over time. 

Your sales staff may deliver their sales pitch in person, through a video call, as a pre-read, or as a leave-behind. Creating and maintaining sales presentations that bring in new clients might take much work. 

Even more specifically, we’ve written a step-by-step guide to sales presentations covering how to get ideas for your decks, organize your deck, and the best ways to present.

Yet, there are occasions when it is most beneficial to examine how businesses identical to your own have developed successful decks. 

To assist you in creating your own effective sales materials, we’ve collected eight motivational sales deck examples in this post. We’ve also given some advice and sales presentation templates along the way.

1. Sastrify

Sastrify offers high-growth businesses software tools and services that make purchasing all kinds of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions easier. Often, many people weigh in on a purchasing choice. 

So, the three departments participating in their normal purchase process—finance, procurement, and IT—are divided into separate benefit categories in Sastrify’s sales deck. 

Also, they prepare for queries and roadblocks with a list of FAQs on slide 10. The sales cycle is shortened because any worries regarding implementation roadblocks may be instantly addressed.

Use our joint action plan template to lead your prospect through the implementation process in a similar, team-by-team manner.

2. Spendesk

A spend management tool called Spendesk gives users access to information about their business expenditures, which saves them time and money. 

Prospective consumers want to be sure they’re investing in a best-in-class product that delivers stability, innovation, and quality before going through the inconvenience of moving to a pricey, long-term solution. 

For this reason, Spendesk begins its presentation with a summary of its explosive development, followed by a list of the well-known companies currently using the platform.

With a logo slide and customer testimonial quotations like those seen in our robust sales deck template, you may promote well-known and respected clients while showcasing your traction.

Copy Then Close: 8 Sales Decks You Need To Swipe - Ebsta
Image courtesy of ebsta

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3. ChartMogul

An analytics tool called ChartMogul assists its customers in managing subscription companies. Their sales deck is an example of excellent practices for a leave-behind or pre-read deck. 

Even without a voiceover, the traditional Problem-Solution-Benefits framework is simple to understand. 

If you’re already sold on a new tool and need your coworker’s approval before committing, you may give them this deck to persuade them.

What strengthens the persuasiveness of an async pitch? A prospect-specific recording of you making your Pitch. 

You can easily add recordings to our async sales deck template to reach everyone, not just those who are present or using Zoom.

4. Pocus

The first product-driven sales platform is Pocus. The way we purchase and sell is changing worldwide, according to their sales deck. 

When you start your deck with a significant change, the prospect feels a sense of urgency: How will I react to this significant change? 

The famous Andy Raskin dubbed Zuora’s deck the “best sales deck I’ve ever seen,” thanks partly to this format. 

Beginning in this manner also clearly frames your product as a component of the answer to whatever problems the transition may create.

Download our sales proposal template to make a considerable impression and start your sales deck.

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5. Oliva

Oliva provides seminars to assist teams in tackling their most urgent issues. 

It’s not only what you say in your deck but also how you say it, as shown by their sales deck, which highlights how crucial graphics and design are to a successful sales presentation. 

The GIF on slide 4 provides visual interest, and the relaxing design elements are consistent with the company’s objective and the solution it is promoting.

Try our simple sales deck template for an equally tranquil color scheme. Check out this post on innovative presentation ideas for general inspiration for deck designs.

6. Producter

Product is a solution for product management that assists businesses in becoming more client-focused. 

Their sales presentation deck begins by quantifying the scope of the issue they’re attempting to solve before showcasing endorsements from current clients. 

It demonstrates the issues involved and Producter’s position as the firm with the best solution. If you’re utilizing a similar format, our project proposal template has many slides for statistics and recommendations.

Image courtesy of Yesware

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7. Klima

Your product will often speak for itself. Klima is a climate change-fighting tool, and its B2B solution, “Klima for teams,” aids businesses in lowering, offsetting, and learning more about their carbon emissions. 

Their presentation emphasizes demonstrating the app in use. Potential customers may easily see themselves using the product daily, which reassures them that Klima would be simple to use as a tool.

Check out our product demo template if your sales presentation is all about presenting the product’s characteristics.

8. Patch

The patch is constructing the framework for a sustainable economy, and its sales presentation is pixel-perfect. 

Make it a point to simplify your message as much as possible. Finally, as you and your prospects discuss potential areas of cooperation, excite them with ideas.

You can develop a comparable minimalist, design-forward, and collaborative approach by modifying our ad agency pitch template.

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Create your successful sales deck now.

Now that you have everything you need, you can create stunning sales decks to help close business. A superb sales deck is just the beginning of the road, however.

Set up your group for long-term achievement by:

  • Giving them instructions on how to display the information (including tips on how to sell async)
  • Establishing procedures to keep everyone on brand
  • Utilizing presentation analytics to determine what resonates, so you can continuously improve your content and procedures

You may upload your sales deck to Pitch’s presentation gallery after it has been produced. Moreover, please get in touch with us through our community so we may include it in our library of sales presentations. 

In this manner, other businesses may learn about your product and be motivated by your deck.




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