6 Best Whitehat SEO Practices for Backlinks

The following is a list of our top five link-building strategies.

There are hundreds of elements that go into the ranking.

Which factor is the most significant?

Content and backlinks go hand in hand.

(This information comes from Andrey Lipattsev, who previously worked at Google as a Search Quality Strategist.)

Here are the five most useful things I’ve done on my way to getting one million backlinks:

(Strategies that have been put to the test in combat and those We ourself use.)

Collect all of the posts.

There are dozens of websites in every area that publish weekly “round-up” entries, also known as articles, that highlight the most valuable content in the industry.

Every week, authors search for fresh material to include in their works. Hence, there is a high rate of success.

Go to Google and enter “intitle:(category) round up” in the search bar.

– Order the results based on the most recent month

With this method, you will be able to get backlinks from websites like Search Engine Land, UpCity, and CMO. Make an offer to publish your work on those websites.

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We love HARO. We strongly suggest that anyone who wants to get in touch with journalists sign up for their platform. You receive an average of three emails per day from journalists looking for sources to quote; thus, you should act as that source.

For the purpose of obtaining backlinks from HARO:

Make reading their emails a top priority and ensure a prompt response.

Use real data from your experience. It makes it 100% unique.

HARO has helped me secure links from publications such as Inc., CIO, and Outbrain.

(If you want a comparable service, sign up for Help a B2B Reporter Out.)

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Link exchange

Do you ever get emails from someone asking for a backlink?

Of course, you do!

(We all do).

Rather than deleting the email, respond to it and ask for a link in exchange.

Original research combines elements of building a brand, generating demand, and gathering leads.

Instructions on how to carry out original research:

– Make use of one’s own data (i.e. Product usage and habits)

– Make use of research from outside parties (i.e. Ascend2 or Pollfish)

Use yourself as a “mystery shopper,” which means you should look at 100 B2B websites and share the most important things you find.

It does take a lot of time, but the results more than justify the labor.

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Positions in Statistics

We know. They have reached the point of no return. But they are effective!

Only one of the statistical posts has brought in 12,000 links.


In order to stand out:

Always link back to the original publisher (not Forbes) and try to use as many different statistics as you can. Try to use as many of your own statistics as possible. Try to use as many different statistics as you can.

Using statistical postings, I was able to get backlinks from Harvard Business Review, PayPal, and DHL.

Backlinks are a big reason why our content has been seen more than 10 million times.

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Content helps you rank.

However, backlinks can assist in improving your ranking.



What Search Engine Optimization is all about in 2023 and beyond



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