5 steps to know if your keywords WILL RANK

Here’s an excellent method for predicting your chances of ranking for a keyword.

A straightforward 5-step procedure

(you’ll need Ahrefs or Semrush):

  1. Go for long-tail

Open your preferred keyword tool and enter your target keyword.

(Assume you have a coffee blog.) We’ll use the long tail keyword “how to open a coffee shop with no money” to get started.

2. Carefully examine the search results.

3. Do any Quora or yahoo answer results appear on page one? Are there youtube vides? It’s a good sign

4) Do other sites with low DR/DA appear on page one? You need YES to these

5) Do any of the sites on page one have no or few backlinks? Again if there are fewer backlinks


There are 90% chances that your keyword will rank within the top results

Even with a new site, your chances of ranking for this long-tail keyword are good.

Don’t Forget Search Intent

(Of course, you must create excellent content and write for the appropriate search intent.)

The search intent for a few common keywords like coffee or bicycles is obvious.


Important Takeaway:

  • Keyword Difficulty (KD) scores may not always accurately predict your chances of ranking on page one.
  • Even for low KD ‘easy’ keywords, you may not rank if a large number of strong sites already rank.

However, if Google ranks Quora results on page one for your keyword, you have a better chance of ranking as well.

In a nutshell, it has to do with your site’s specificity vs. other websites’ broadness.

Google appreciates specificity.


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