5 Components That Every Artist Must Have in Their Music Studio

Being an artist and not playing music in their studio isn’t it boring?

As one is being creative and painting on a larger scale it takes days and days to complete your task or a music artist producing music in their studio needs good quality and vast options in equipment

Hence music makes your work easier and boosts your energy and gives you more concentration level but the quality of music matters and the equipment one is using to produce good quality music

Here is the list of equipment that an artist should have in their music studio while working

5 Components That Every Artist Must Have in Their Music Studio

1. Karaoke amplifier mixer

There are many different saying about the origin of karaoke but the most common sayings are that its first development was in Kobe, japan 1971

 Nowadays karaoke amplifier has become worldwide known whether one is looking to have fun in their studio, houses or for parties

Some of the best karaoke mixers are 

Pyle pt265bt Bluetooth 200W digital receiver amplifier

  • It allows you to stream the wireless audio from your mobile or any other device
  • The Pyle amplifier also has the option of cd player attachment  or another device through the system aux inputs
  • Provides with the features of FM radio which you can also use as source audio which broaden the scope of karaoke escapades
  • If one is looking for the perfect way to upgrade your studio or your home entertainment pt265 is the best option

HI sonic MA 222 karaoke Mixer Amplifier

  • known for its versatility and  doesn’t straddle between the serious professional kit and home entertainment or studio

Features include 

1-year limited manufacturer warranty

          If something goes wrong with the mixer the manufacturer will replace or repair it free of charge

Two free microphones included with the amplifier

  • Speaker connection with audio output or input
  • It gives you 3 microphone jack inputs as well
  • Weighs only 5 kgs so it is very compatible for moving from a different studio or different place

Pyle pmxakb200- 2000 watt DJ karaoke mixer and amplifier

Pyle pmxabk200 possesses the following features

  • Its 3 times faster than any of the mixer
  • Provides audio mixing with 2 mics and the Bluetooth input as well
  • Bluetooth 3.0 technology for painless streaming from any of your devices
  • Microphone talk over capability and the crystal clear LCD digital display
  • It also provides compatibility of USB and sb card
  • It is compatible with every contemporary tv and it also affects the processor compatibility

2. Microphones

  • In the studio, all over the world, the one tool which rises and is most demanded in studios is the microphones
  • Some of the best microphones are

Dynamic Microphone

  • It’s a microphone that helps to withstand the high sound pressure or medium range sound
  • compatible to use and also it can be used with a different kind of application

Condenser Microphone

  • The Condenser Microphone is a sensitive type of microphone and frequently requires the outside power
  • Is better for capturing  the more nuanced performances for example vocal performances

3. Ear monitors

Ear monitors are really good while you’re making music or for other artists such as media-based. It is perfect for taking performances to the next level whether done in studio or stage. Some of the best ear monitors are:

Shure PSM 300 pro wireless in-ear monitors

  • These ear monitors are great audio fidelity and also dynamic veracity
  • This monitor fulfills all the demand of the pros with low price
  • The transmitter is reliable up to 300 feet which helps it to play at the biggest venues
  • Its body is built with metal and has a huge LCD screen as well  which is both outstanding points which help it to last long without a scratch

Shure se 215 cl in-ear monitors

  • These ear monitors run with the high-quality drivers
  • The drivers allow determining the sound quality and volume
  • Its main focus is on the sound bass which makes its experience way too good
  • It is very durable and one can use them over a long period without any damage

Mackie Mo 240 in-ear headphones monitors

  • It makes premium mixers, headphones, and speakers.
  • Contains two drivers which are power each item  is a driver  for the low end and balanced and armature driver
  • These dynamic drivers are very loud and powerful and the armature driver is for better articulation
  • It has an extremely secure and tight fit which helps to provide a great noise isolation

4. Bluetooth speaker

 The Bluetooth speakers are convenient, affordable, and easy to carry. They require very little space in the studio. Some of the best Bluetooth speakers are:

Ue boom 3

  • They are bigger speakers which provide with some quality and balanced sound
  • The ue boom 3 is waterproof and comes in a cylindrical shape and colors.
  • Its charging stays for 15 hours and also provide 100 feet of Bluetooth range and with that provides a 2-year warranty card as well

 Tribute storm box

  • It provides a professional-quality sound and comes at affordable prices as well
  • The Bluetooth speaker provides a passive radiator of 7 inches long in a pill shape and also has dual firing drivers
  • Provides with clear sound and also has the option of a bass increase button
  • 20 hours of battery and ipx7 water rating as well which doesn’t allow it to be dustproof but can stay in the water

Tribute storm box micro

  • Is one of the tiniest Bluetooth speakers and comes with a silicone strap
  • It has Ip67 water and dust resistance which allows it to play in any kind of temperature
  • has 8 hours of battery life and provides a good quality sound with a base option as well

5. Studio monitor mixer

These are very essential to have in the list of music studio equipment to achieve quality sound. Most of the studios spend lots of money to buy studio monitor mixer but nowadays there are a variety of monitors available

Yamaha hs8

  • It combines a classic sound and has new technology injected
  • These are recognized for their signature white woofers which give a quality base to the sound
  • comes with a unique mounting system that helps in minimizing vibration and also improves the performance of the device
  • has extra-large magnets which provide a smother quality over the frequency rate

Event 20/20 bass

  • it’s a reissue of the old classic hence contains new features and technologies
  • As we compared them to the old ones the new ones boast double power and are half the total harmonic distortion
  • has a front bass port and 250w

Dynaudio LYD5

  • was established back in 1977
  • The sophisticated and sleek design of the sound monitor makes it the most established and demanded  brand of today
  • has a soft high-frequency waveguide and also have high and low-frequency filters
  • The monitors have a bass reflex cabinet with the radius of front edge

I hope the above information is enough for an artist to know what kind of and quality he desires for his music studio to choose his music studio equipment. The above article covers all kinds of detailed information that an artist might be searching for while setting up his studio or looking for missing equipment that is essential in a studio.

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