30 Best SaaS Companies & Startups 2023

SaaS has grown tremendously over the last ten years, which is no secret. The SaaS industry is now estimated to be worth roughly $272.5 billion.

Software is still “eating the globe,” partly due to the appealing business model of SaaS and end users’ ease of use and flexibility.

Our list of SaaS companies includes a wide range of businesses they support and are all expanding quickly.

SaaS businesses span various use cases and applications, from HR departments to sales teams to IT organizations.

Here is our pick of a few SaaS firms that will be popular in 2023. And expected to see rapid expansion during the next 18 to 26 months.

1. ProtonVPN

  • 500% increase in search volume over the last five years
  • The growth of searches is exponential.
  • Founded in 2016
  • Switzerland’s Geneva is the place.
  • Finance: Not disclosed (Seed)

How They Act: 

As differentiators, ProtonVPN is a VPN service that emphasizes security more than other providers and offers a free, ad-free version of their VPN. 

  • The Swiss firm recently added Nigeria, Vietnam, and several additional nations, bringing the total number of countries covered to 61.

2. Linktree

  • 5-year increase in searches: 2050%
  • The growth of searches is exponential.
  • founded in 2016
  • Melbourne, Australia, is the location.
  • Financed at $165.7M (Series C)

How They Act: 

Linktree is a service that can be utilized on several social networks to provide users access to all of a brand’s or person’s crucial material in one location. 

  • The tool may be used by companies and individuals to generate clickable links for platforms (like Instagram) that prohibit direct linking from posts. 
  • Although additional “link-in-bio” solutions are available, Linktree was the first of its sort in the SaaS industry, according to its inventors. 
  • Over 12 million individuals presently utilize the startup, which has raised over $50 million since its founding in 2016.

3. Printify

  • The 5-year rise in searches: 1257%
  • The growth of searches is exponential.
  • Location: San Francisco, California, Year founded: 2015
  • Finances: $54.1M (Series A)
Image courtesy of shopify

How They Act: 

Printify is a freemium platform that allows creators, business owners, and other merchants to print everything from tablecloths to T-shirts. 

  • For a monthly subscription, Printify provides Premium and Enterprise plans, as well as a free option that enables customers to operate small eCommerce businesses and pay for manufacturing. 
  • Printify received $45M in a H2 2021 Series A funding round from Index Ventures and a wide range of additional investors, including H&M Group and Will Smith’s investment firm.

4. HotJar

  • The 5-year rise in searches: 9%
  • Growth status of investigations: Regular
  • established in 2014
  • St. Julian’s, Malta, is the location.
  • Finance: Not disclosed

How They Act: 

Hotjar, a company with roots in Malta, has created a set of tools that enable businesses to comprehend their online analytics on a deeper level than is possible by only looking at Google Analytics or typical web traffic statistics.

  • One of the services that HotJar offers to market and UX teams is real-time website feedback. 
  • Other services include surveys, heat maps, recordings, and heat maps. 
  • The leading SaaS product on display, HotJar Insights, offers reporting and insight capabilities. 
  • HotJar’s concept has primarily cornered the analytics industry, with a client base of over 200,000.

5. TripActions

  • The 5-year rise in searches: 540%
  • Growth status of searches: Regular 
  • Year founded: 2015
  • Palo Alto, California, is the location.
  • Budget: $2.2B (Debt Financing)

How They Act: 

Do you ever need help to arrange business travel for many employees? A software-based answer to vexing travel management problems is called TripActions. 

  • They’ve developed a cloud-based one-stop shop for corporate travel that enables organizations to quickly book lodging or flights.
  • It provides automatic expenditure reimbursement with its own TripActions Liquid technology and 24/7 support for its SaaS solution. 
  • The Market’s hunger for a leader in the travel SaaS area is shown by a significant financing sum of over $1B.

6. Groove

Image courtesy of martechseries
  • The 5-year rise in searches: -9%
  • Growth status of searches: Regular 
  • Year founded: 2014
  • Location: California, San Francisco
  • Budget: $61M (Series B)

How They Act: 

Groove is a platform for Salesforce-specific sales interaction. Critical elements of it’s platform include revenue intelligence, call tracking, and campaign automation. 

  • The only native interface with Salesforce, according to Groove (at least when it comes to engagement platforms.)
  • Leading corporate companies like Google, Atlassian, Capital One, and Uber utilize their product.

7. Colorant

  • The 5-year rise in searches: 66%
  • The growth of searches is exponential.
  • founded in 2019
  • Location: France’s Paris
  • Financed at $163.9M (Series B)

How They Act: 

Pigment wants to replace cumbersome Excel sheets with flexible data visualization tools that operate in concert with robust forecasting techniques.

  • The aim? Better business forecasting is supported by aesthetically attractive simulations, charts, and models. 
  • The Paris-based startup’s replacement of the outdated yearly business planning approach with flexible real-time analytics is one of its other goals.

8. Shapr3D

  • The 5-year rise in searches: N/A
  • Growth status of searches: Regular
  • Established in 2015
  • Location: Budapest, Hungary
  • Budget: $21.8M (Series B)
Image courtesy of

How They Act: 

Shapr3D strives to remain at the forefront of the computer-aided design (CAD) sector, which is predicted to increase by over $200M over the next several years. 

  • The only component of Shapr3D’s offering is an iPad or Mac software that supports the Apple Pencil.
  • Product teams may get prompt responses and quickly iterate on the design process because of the user interface’s smoothness and features like live feedback.

9. Lokalise

  • 5-year increase in searches: 483%
  • The growth of searches is exponential.
  • Founded in 2017
  • Specifically, Dover, Delaware
  • $56 million was allocated for this project (Series B)

How They Act: 

Translating software into other languages might take time. 

For the applications of top businesses like Starbucks, Hyundai, Mastercard, and others, Lokalise automates language translation.

  • Lokalise offers a cloud platform for managing the translation and localization process used by managers, translators, developers, and designers. 
  • According to worldwide research by CSA Research, 76% of consumers are more inclined to purchase products or services online from a vendor who speaks their native tongue.

10. Miro

  • The 5-year rise in searches: -100%
  • Growth status of searches: Peaked
  • 2011 was the founding year
  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Financed at $476.3M (Series C)

How They Act: 

Miro has built a SaaS company based on their cutting-edge collaborative whiteboard solution. 

  • Miro’s adaptable platform enables organizations to build up anything from agile procedures to diagrams and even workshops that allow everyone on the team to sketch or iterate. 
  • There are now 20 million users of Miro.
Image courtesy of

11. Hopin

  • The 5-year rise in searches: 71%
  • The growth of searches is exponential.
  • Founded in 2019
  • Location: United Kingdom, London
  • Funding: $1 billion (Series D)

How They Act: 

Located in London, Hopin has created an all-in-one event management software and a virtual environment to bring people together online. 

  • Along with the ability to organize webinars, seminars, and online courses, attendees have the same flexibility as they would at a live expo while moving between various rooms.
  • With Hopsin’s customized rooms and user interface, hosts may develop almost limitless creative programming with a complete suite of statistics to determine which events were successful and which were not.

12.  Fieldwire

  • The 5-year rise in searches: 105%
  • The growth of searches is exponential.
  • Founded in 2013
  • Location: California, San Francisco
  • Resources: $41.2M (Series C)

How They Act: 

The construction sector is known for being dated. Fieldwire intends to change that. 

As they work on a project, construction workers can now access a single source of truth for their data thanks to a platform that provides teams with a full platform for checklists, inspections, real-time communications, and scheduling.

  • Building blueprints may be marked up and edited digitally on iPads or other mobile devices, and standard construction papers are all neatly stored inside Fieldwire’s cloud platform.

13. Vidyard

  • The 5-year rise in searches: 134%
  • Search growth status: Regular 
  • Year founded: 2011 
  • Location: Ontario, Canada 
  • Finances: $75.7M (Debt Financing)

How They Act: 

Vidyard has developed a SaaS-based enterprise-grade video platform that enables sales teams to create and deploy customized movies to prospects and customers. 

  • Sales professionals may use rich data to determine which material resonated with opportunities and how to follow up successfully. 
  • More sales are concluded as a consequence, and client connections are strengthened and made more intimate.
  • The income of Vidyard increased by 442% between 2015 and 2018.
Image courtesy of vinyard

14. Recorded Future

  • The 5-year rise in searches: 77%
  • Growth status of searches: Regular 
  • Year founded: 2009
  • Massachusetts’s Somerville is the location.
  • Financed at $57.9M (Series E)

How They Act: 

Recorded Future is a comprehensive intelligence platform created to provide proactive security advice. 

  • The SaaS intelligence platform users from Recorded Future include Dupont, McAfee, Raytheon, and Accenture.
  • Depending on the current requirements of the company and the teams operating inside it, companies may add various intelligence modules to their platform. 
  • Recorded Future obtained an ARR of more than $140M in 2020.

15. BambooHR 

  • The 5-year rise in searches: 120%
  • Growth status of searches: regular 
  • Year founded: 2008
  • The place is Lindon, Utah.
  • Finance: Not disclosed (Series Unknown)

How They Act: 

One of the pioneers in the HR startup sector, BambooHR offers SMB HR teams a platform with tools for recruiting, payroll, and performance evaluations. 

  • BambooHR should expand because of its award-winning customer support and full-service deployment.

16. Intercom

  • The 5-year rise in searches: -18%
  • Growth status of searches: Peaked
  • 2011 was the founding year
  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Financed at $240.8M (Secondary Market)

How They Act: 

When users visit a website, questions often pop up as soon as they land on the page.

There are constant inquiries regarding goods and services, which is how Intercom came to be. 

  • Intercom offers a wide range of services, including live chat, intelligent chatbots, product tours, and more. 
  • Being the best conversational SaaS platform is its primary objective. 
  • With more than 17,000 members and $50 million in annual revenue, it is the second-fastest-growing SaaS firm ever (behind Slack).
  • AWS, Shopify, Sotheby’s, and Facebook are just a few of the impressive clientele that Intercom has amassed.
Image courtesy of paperflite

17. Contently

  • 5-year increase in searches: -21%
  • Growth status of searches: Peaked
  • Location: New York, New York; 
  • Created in 2010
  • Financed at $19.4M (Series C)

How They Act: 

Through its cloud content management platform, It gives businesses like Marriott, American Express, and Dell access to a network of over 160,000 authors, designers, and editors worldwide. 

  • Additionally, customers get intelligent content suggestions that are entirely handled by Contently.
  • They want to be the industry leader in enterprise content development at scale, given the constantly growing nature of digital content.

18. Tanium

  • The 5-year rise in searches: 3%
  • Growth status of searches: Regular
  • Established in 2007
  • Kirkland, Washington, is the location.
  • Financing: $1.1B (Series Unknown)

How They Act: 

Tanium offers major businesses a real-time perspective of organizational security. 

In a world where cyber hacking and phishing are becoming more blatant, allowing users and teams to identify weaknesses in their IT security is a vital tool.

  • Tanium is trusted by all 5 branches of the U.S. military to handle endpoint security and compassionate data protection. 
  • Since its founding in 2007, the firm has attracted an eye-catching $1B investment.

19. Klaviyo

  • The 5-year rise in searches: 0%
  • Growth status of searches: Peaked
  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Created in 2012
  • Financed at $778.5M (Secondary Market)

How They Act: 

One of the most rapidly expanding marketing SaaS businesses today, Klaviyo, focuses on marketing automation and customized email at scale. 

To enable businesses to create specialized, curated experiences across email and text, Klaviyo intends to deliver customer-centric email that includes data businesses have about their consumers.

  • The ability to manage client data and channels is provided through Klaviyo’s proprietary channels, which frees businesses from having to depend on third parties like Google or Facebook for marketing and advertising. 
  • The newest fundraising round of $320 million for continuing expansion and business user uptake results from Klaviyo’s promise.

20. LeadIQ

Image courtesy of
  • The 5-year rise in searches: 33%
  • Growth status of investigations: Peaked
  • Established in 2015
  • Location: California, San Francisco
  • Investment: $40M (Series B)

How They Act: 

LeadIQ is a sales SaaS company with a single straightforward product at the core of their operations: a browser plug-in linked with Google, Salesforce, Hubspot, and Marketo, among other services. 

  • Customers typically see a lead database growth of around 325%. 
  • Simply scrolling through a prospect’s LinkedIn profile will allow salespeople to access complete data from LeadIQ that can be imported into most CRM systems.

21. Hosthub:

  • 10-year increase in searches: 1100%
  • Growth status of searches: Regular 
  • Year founded: 2017
  • Location: Greece’s Athens
  • Investment: $810K (Pre-seed)

How They Act: 

Hosthub, previously Syncbnb, assists landlords in maintaining their rental listings on various booking websites. 

  • Bi-directional synchronization capabilities are powered by machine learning technology, and the business promises there will be no duplicate reservations. 
  • In 2017, co-founders Petros Ziogas and Alexander Caravitis launched Hosthub in response to Caravitis’s personal experience handling several rental postings.

22. Cockroach Labs

  • The 5-year rise in searches: 97%
  • Growth status of searches: Regular
  • Established in 2015
  • New York, New York, is the location.
  • Financed at $633.1M (Series F)

How They Act: 

Cockroach Labs has created a cloud-native database system that grows automatically in response to changes in data and workloads.

  • The firm also highlights its extraordinary dependability, supported by cutting-edge features like live rolling updates. 
  • Without causing any network disruption, these rolling upgrades update software. 
  • The business raised $160 million earlier this Year at a $2 billion valuation, increasing its worth in only eight months.

23. Canva

  • The 5-year rise in searches: 1157%
  • The growth of searches is exponential.
  • 2012 was the founding Year
  • Location: Sydney, Australia;
  • Financed at $572.6M (Series Unknown)

How They Act: 

Canva is an online SaaS platform that offers easily accessible design and publishing capabilities. Their primary aim while designing their tools was simplicity. 

  • The objective is to make it possible for anybody to generate excellent Instagram posts, vibrant and captivating presentations, print marketing materials, and more.
  • Canva has evolved from a free-to-use platform offering a range of licenses for corporate, educational, and professional users.
Image courtesy of techcrunch

24. MightyNetworks 

  • The 5-year rise in searches: -100%
  • Growth status of searches: Peaked
  • Founded in 2017
  • Palo Alto, California, is the location.
  • 66M$ in funding (Series B)

How They Act: 

MightyNetworks is community-building software that assists artists in nurturing their most devoted fans. 

  • Professionals may run events, build community sites, set membership prices, and more with the MightyNetworks software. 
  • Early in 2021, Owl Ventures and other investors, including businesswomen and everything, figured out that author Marie Forleo could invest $50M in the startup.

25. Shiprocket

  • 5-year increase in searches: 2333%
  • The growth of searches is exponential.
  • Founding YearYear: 2012 
  • Location: India, New Delhi
  • Financed at $386.8M (Series E)

How They Act: 

Shiprocket acts as a communication bridge between companies and logistics providers by offering shipping logistics services to the Indian eCommerce sector. 

  • The firm stands out because of its reasonable delivery costs, local and worldwide reach, and trustworthy couriers. 
  • When a planned $200 million investment materialized in September 2021, Shiprocket’s value was anticipated to reach upwards of $800 million.

26. ClickUp

Image courtesy of
  • 5-year increase in searches: 385%
  • The growth of searches is exponential.
  • Founded in 2017
  • San Diego, California, is the location.
  • Financed at $537.5M (Series C)

How They Act: 

ClickUp is productivity software for task scheduling, communication efficiency, and other things. 

  • It is used by over 800K businesses, and promises to replace several other content production and project management applications. 
  • It has attracted much investor interest despite competing in a competitive market for task management and productivity products, including a $400M investment disclosed in October 2021.

27. HiPeople

  • The 5-year rise in searches: -100%
  • Growth status of searches: Peaked
  • Founded in 2019
  • Location: Germany’s Berlin
  • Budget: $6.8M (Seed)

How They Act: 

HiPeople provides a SaaS platform that automates and streamlines the reference check process to give insights on job candidates. 

  • A $3M all-remote seed round was announced in January 2021 for the firm, used by experts at IBM, Celonis, Staffbase, and other organizations.

28. Confluent

  • The 5-year rise in searches: 105%
  • Growth status of searches: Regular
  • Year founded: 2014
  • Mountain View, California, is the location.
  • Financed at $455.9M (Secondary Market)

How They Act: 

They carry out Apache One of the most widely used open-source systems for real-time data stream processing is Kafka. 

  • It has created a cloud-native streaming platform that frees up time and resources for IT teams via enterprise-scale self-management of Kafka.
  • They made a name for themselves with well-known customers, including Bosch, Expedia, Home Depot, and others.

29. Adalo

Image courtesy of theappmakersmanual
  • 5-year increase in searches: 9200%
  • The growth of searches is exponential.
  • Established in 2018
  • Location: Missouri’s St. Louis
  • financing: $9.8M (Series A)

How They Act: 

Adalo is an app-building platform that enables users to create and publish apps without the help of a developer. 

  • Recent Series A fundraising for Adalo totaled $8M, with investment company Tiger Global taking the lead. 
  • Tiger Global is renowned for being a startup “unicorn hunter,” having invested in more than 120 firms as of mid-2021.

30. Databricks

  • 5-year increase in searches: 1057
  • The growth of searches is exponential.
  • Founded in 2013
  • Location: California, San Francisco
  • Budget: $3.5B (Series H)

How They Act: 

Databricks is a software firm that specializes in assisting businesses in using data to get insights and influence decisions in various fields and sectors. 

  • Conde Nast, Adobe, Biogen, and H&M are just a few well-known companies that have become fans of the firm
  • It has announced a Series H fundraising round totaling an astounding $1.6B.


SaaS firms are integrating technology increasingly into our everyday lives as one of the most popular sectors in the world and one of the few that survived the COVID pandemic’s attack.

The firms on this list are pursuing various sectors, including IT, marketing, sales, and finance. Additionally, like many software firms, we’re stepping up global innovation. As these explosive businesses grow and scale, keep an eye on them.



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