20 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America for 2023

Last updated on April 3rd, 2023 at 05:55 pm

While life isn’t a popularity contest, it might be amusing to discover who is the most well-liked. The Labrador Retriever is, without a doubt, the best dog breed. 

The American Kennel Club, the central dog registration in the US, has published a list of the most popular breeds yearly. The Labrador Retriever has been a top 10 candidate since the 1970s. 

With the recent announcement of the AKC’s most popular breeds list for 2020, we can see that the Labrador Retriever has established a record for 30 years consecutively at the top.

Of course, there are many more dogs on the list than simply the perennially popular Lab since there are about 200 recognized dog breeds. 

Here, we’ll examine the 20 breeds now most in demand. The breeds on this list fluctuate often, but these are the most popular options for pet owners.

The 20 Dog Breeds That Are Most Popular in the US:

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever has been America’s most popular dog breed for 30 years. It is a well-known breed that most people adore. 

These dogs are among the most well-liked service dogs because they are gentle, kind, and eager to please. 

As their name suggests, they are a member of the sports community and have also been extensively used as waterfowl retrievers.

French Bulldog

Paradoxically, the French Bulldog originated in England. The breed was brought to France by English lacemakers, where they gained the most incredible popularity. 

The French bulldog was initially created as a miniature bulldog, previously used as a rat hunter but is now merely a companion pet.

German Shepherd

Police and military personnel have traditionally used German Shepherd dogs. They are simpler to teach than many breeds because of their high intellect and adaptability abilities. 

They are among the finest working dogs of all time because of their extraordinary bravery, physical toughness, and athleticism. 

As you can guess from the term “shepherd,” this breed is a member of the herding family.

Golden Retriever

This Scottish breed has been used for several canine tasks, including service work, hunting, and search and rescue. 

Because of their great intellect and apparent enjoyment of instruction, Golden Retrievers are excellent learners and may be educated effectively.


Bulldogs are muscular, wrinkled, distinct-looking dogs that may weigh up to 50 pounds and stand no taller than 15 inches.  Their outward appearance belies their amiable and good-natured dispositions. 

These canines were initially developed for two primary purposes: bringing cows to market and bull-baiting, a cruel and fatal bloodsport that pits bulls against other animals in a fight.

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Poodles are one of the most well-known show dog breeds and belong to the non-sporting category.  They wear gorgeous jackets that some owners maintain styled in unique ways. 

You may be shocked to learn what a wonderful family dog a Poodle can make with their regal demeanor and outrageous hairstyles. Moreover, they are among the world’s brightest breeds and are trainable.


Born to hunt in packs, Beagles are friendly creatures that adapt well to living in groups or alone. They are excellent hunters, just as they were intended to be. 

Yet they make equally great family dogs because of their amiable and joyful nature. Since they were initially developed to hunt tiny animals like rabbits, these dogs are pretty little. 

The breed is still widely used for hunting in other nations, even though they are now more often maintained as pets than hunters in America.


Male Rottweilers may grow as tall as 27 inches and as heavy as 135 pounds. They have a reputation for being dependable and self-assured watchdogs. 

They also get along well with children and make excellent family pets.  Yet, because of their adaptability, these dogs were among the first to be used as military or police dogs. 

The Rottweiler breed has a long history of hard labor, dating back to when they were used to drive livestock and pull carts.

German Shorthaired Pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a flexible and adaptable breed developed to retrieve and hunt many kinds of wildlife in various environments, a skill they continue to excel at today. 

Apart from their substantial activity needs, they make wonderful friends and family pets that are simple to care for.

These dogs have white coats with mottled brown patches and splotches, and their heads are often predominantly brown with some white.


The Dachshund is a famous breed of dog that comes in both conventional and miniature sizes. Its very long, low-slung body and short, stubby legs distinguish it. 

They were developed to chase down difficult prey, such as badgers and foxes, on their own; moreover, they are designed for shorter-distance travel.

They were designed with an intriguing body form to follow animals into their tunnels. Even so, some hunters utilized packs of Dachshunds to assist them in pursuing wild boar.

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Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Unsurprisingly, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is such a well-liked breed since it has a physique somewhat akin to a Dachshund—low to the ground and elongated—but a face that is all its own and adorable. 

These dogs are mighty for their small size, and while having muscular bodies, they are quick and agile. The original aim of corgis was to herd cattle; therefore, they tended to be bold and independent.

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd was initially bred in the US in the 1840s, despite its name, which would lead one to believe it was developed in Australia. 

These shepherds are still often employed today to herd sheep, which was their primary duty. They are a highly bright and talented breed with remarkable athletic ability. 

Still, they can be rather destructive if they are not given a suitable outlet for their surplus energy.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers, sometimes called Yorkies, are little dogs with enormous personalities. They have a reputation for being rather fiery, yet they make excellent companion animals. 

Their tiny size, which makes them perfect for living in flats and other compact areas, is part of their appeal, albeit their happiness sometimes makes them bothersome to the neighbors.


Boxers, a member of the working group, were initially developed as guard dogs. 

They continue to make superb family watchdogs and security dogs today, but their loving nature makes them excellent companions. 

These dogs are unquestionably lovely and covered with lean muscle, but they also have a lot of energy and need a lot of stimuli to prevent them from going crazy!

Great Dane

The Great Dane is the gentle giant of the canine world, and they are genuinely enormous. Males may weigh 175 pounds and reach up to 32 inches tall at the shoulder, making them as big as the typical man! 

They have a famously limited lifetime of fewer than ten years, which is unfortunate. Contrary to what you may anticipate from the breed’s name, it is not Danish. 

It was previously known as the Boar Hound and employed for boar hunting; the name was changed to English Dogges in the 1500s. 

The Great Danish Dog was the name given to the breed by a French naturalist in the 1700s, but the Germans eventually improved the breed to become the canines we know today.

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Siberian Husky

This breed, Siberian in origin, is called it’s home country. Their look is highly distinctive, with thick coats and eyes that might be blue or various colors. Many people believe they resemble wolves in appearance. 

Siberian Huskies are renowned for being mischievous and curious, and they have amazing escape skills that allow them to leave any yard or confinement.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, one of the best companion breeds, is designed to be extraordinarily adorable and has inherited breed characteristics like a tail that wags continually whenever the dog moves. 

They follow you wherever you go like magnet dogs. You’ll never get a minute to yourself if one of these spaniels is in your house! 

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a suitable choice if you always want to have your dog by your side. There’s a reason this is one of the most well-liked dog breeds in the Country.

Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman is a massive dog with a deep chest, a robust build, weighing up to 100 pounds, and standing up to 28 inches at the shoulder. 

It shouldn’t surprise that this breed is very athletic, quick, strong, and elegant.

A tax collector combined various breeds in the 1800s to produce the ideal guard dog to protect himself from robbers who kept assaulting him while on collection rounds.

Miniature Schnauzer

The canine equivalent of wizards is Miniature Schnauzers. They don’t practice magic; they don’t. However, they have beards that are evocative of every insane wizard you’ve ever seen in a film. 

Moreover, they may live up to 20 years and are often far more common than their more significant standard-variation relatives. 

These dogs are independent, hardy, and brave but not aggressive since they were created for ratting and agricultural labor.

Shih Tzu

Little yet sturdy, Shih Tzu dogs have beautiful coats that have helped them win several best-in-show awards. 

While initially intended for royalty, they are now well-liked by many ordinary families and are among America’s top 20 most popular companion dogs. 

These canines are ideal for apartment or city living due to their small height.

Shih Tzus have long been called “lion dogs,” Their name means “small lion,” yet they seldom show any signs of violence unless they’re playing rough with a toy!

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Is your dog on this list, or is one of the dogs on this list a good candidate for your future pet? While the top canines on this list fluctuate year to year, they often enjoy high levels of popularity. 

While coming in various sizes, colors, and forms, these breeds are often intelligent, trainable, and well-mannered, with outstanding attributes for business and family life. 

One of these well-known canines is sure to have the qualities you seek, whether you desire a large dog with a sensitive and loving heart or a little dog with a fiery personality.



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