12 Best Exercise Machines To Lose Weight At Home – Buying Guide 2023

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If you want to create your own gym in your house so first of all you need to have the best exercise machine to lose weight at home. You want to lose weight and sweat it out without going to the gym or without paying any extra fee for the trainer and gym membership so make sure that you have got the best equipment for that.


Top 12 Exercise Machine to Lose Weight at Home


1. Marcy Multifunctional Steel Home Gym

Marcy Multifunctional Home Gym



  • 150lb stack for resistance
  • Upper and lower pulley
  • Press can swing individually


  • Not that great assembly instructions

The marcy multifunctional is rated one of the best home gym as it provides you phenomenal     workout because of its stack style design. Best home gym equipment for weight loss.

It has got the press arms, ankle straps, lat bar and has and upper and lower pulley system for different angles for our muscles, Easy to be used and perhaps best home exercise equipment for weight loss.

It weighs only 150lbs and is very easy to be used you won’t have any difficulty in changing the weight and moreover it is very affordable.

This product has the rating of 4.2/5.

Customer Review

‘’Very happy with the gym. At first I was afraid there weren’t enough weights, but the way it seems to be set up, it feels like there is a lot more weight on there than stated. For example, if I can normally do a seated chest press at the gym with about 80-90 pounds, on this gym it feels the same at about 50 pounds, but the way I look at it is that it’s a good thing because I don’t think I will ever come close to reaching the max weight on this thing’’

2. Bowflex Xtreme SEBowflex Xtreme SE



  • Can do over 70 exercise on it
  • 210lb of resistance via power rods
  • No need to change the cables


  • Resistance rods does not last long

This bowflex allows you a total bod workout and gives you an option of doing more than 70 exercises on it and that too manually it has got all the features that you need best equipment for weight loss.

This machine has got lat bar, leg extension, squat station and ab crunch bet so you can get one in all kind of option and gives you an option to get fit all over.

The best feature in it is that you don’t need to change the cables between the exercises which is time saving and makes it the best exercise machine to lose weight at home.

This product has the rating of 3.5/5.

Customer Review

‘’Good quality and well designed. I am a retired coach, physical educator and certified trainer. The Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE is a great home gym for the over 50 crowd. The 15 to twenty something serious athlete would demand more, however, this machine is great for general fitness, that is of course, if you really use it. Sustained exercise on the unit will produce good results’’

3. Total Gym XLSTotal Gym XLS



  • Squat Stand
  • Wing Attachment build arm
  • Accommodate up to 400lbs
  • Includes exercise chart


  • Too heavy and bulky

Easy and comfortable to work on and have got the exercise chart which helps you in doing the workout which is amazing feature.

It provides you the perfect hand to reach your goals when it comes to exercise. It is economical and space saving which makes it best home exercise machine for weight loss.

You can do over 80 exercise on it and has got the TV access so that you can start on the right note making it the excellent exercise machine to lose weight at home.

This product has the rating of 4.6/5.

Customer Review

‘’Remarkable machine and Great purchase. I’ve been a soldier for over 20 years. During that time, I have suffered from back and knee injuries that make a wide variety of exercise difficult these days. The Total Gym has been excellent at allowing me to do full body workouts without over stressing any particular muscle groups or aggravating previous injuries. I do not regret this purchase in the least’’

4. Powertec Fitness Lever Gym

Powertec Fitness Lever



  • Includes bench for press bench, ab work and more.
  • Allows to lift weight up to 500lbs
  • Detach the bench to do weighted squats.


  • No weight plates
  • Squat angles can be awkward

It has got the Olympic weight resistance instead of having the weak stack this leaver gym is one in all and it allows you lift much more weight than others which can go up to 500lbs and can help you build a very strong muscle best home workout equipment for weight loss.

There is nothing conventional about this machine it has got the built-in safety meaning you can lift heavy without having any fear which makes it unique and worth buying.

This product has the rating of 4.4/5.

Customer Review 

‘’Very happy with this purchase. Worked out on it for just a little – love the smoothness of the bench, the weight arms, and the cable pulley system. The packaging was solid, very solid. Everything was there, every bolt, nut and washer as a matter of fact I’m a little worried because I have a nut and bolt left over – every time I walk by the system I look for an empty hole that look like a bolt, nut and washer should be’’

5. Body Solid Lever GymBody Solid Lever Gym



  • Can lift heavy
  • Lush thick pads
  • Pillow block bearing and bronze bushings


  • No weight plates

This lever has got three separate workout stations and gives you the option to lift heavy weight.

It has got the option for you to have more than 40 exercises and focus on different body part of yours so you can build strong muscle and can have the complete body workout. One of the best all in one home gym and among the best exercise machine to lose weight at home.

The best and the most soothing feature of this machine is that it has got the best safety options for every station so you can list heavy without any danger as it has safety catchers.

This product has the rating of 4.1/5.

Customer Review

‘’Really feel like this was a good choice and have been pleased with the quality and ease of use.
The squat machine is a real nice setup and have heard nothing but good things from all who try it.
Little Love to Body Solid’’

6. MiM USA Functional Trainer with BenchMiM USA Functional Trainer with Bench



  • Adjustable bench for different exercises
  • Allows you to lift heavy
  • You can do multiple exercises


  • No weight plates included

This multiple trainer bench allows you to do almost every exercise that you could expect from the one machine. It has got the adjustable bench and Olympic sized barbell which allows you to do squats and bench.

As I said it is multifunctional so it gives you the luxury of doing workout for arms, legs, abs and more moreover it allows you to lift weight up to 333lbs.

Providing all these features is truly unbelievable best home equipment for weight loss. You won’t care about the price considering the fact that it is providing almost everything.

This product has the rating of 5/5.

Customer Review

‘’I did a lot of searching for the right smith Machine… and after having this gym for a couple of months now- I’m very happy that I chose this one. It is well built and has exceeded my expectations. The company has fantastic support and will make sure you are happy with the product and I felt like they genuinely care. Great Job!’’

7. Golds Gym XRSGolds Gym XRS



  • 112lbs weight stack
  • Fly station, lat poll down and leg pulley
  • Extremely affordable


  • Seat is not adjustable
  • No abs exercise available

This product is the perfect balance of price with quality as it has the best price with great features among all the home gym machines.

It has the resistance up to 280lbs it works on your multiple area’s including your back, chest and arms with the help of lat pull down and press arms. This thing is really the one that you want exercise machine to lose weight at home.

It has got the instruction guide exercise chart which will help you to start in the right way which makes it best home exercise equipment for weight loss.

This product has the rating of 4.2/5.

Customer Review

‘’I spend most of my time doing free weights, but found myself maxed out on bench press without a spotter. Getting this was a good excuse to get my fiancé into working out as it’s definitely more convenient than free weights. Cheap and well built, but definitely not a replacement for free weights/purpose built machines’’

8. Icon Fitness Weider Pro

Icon Fitness Weider Pro



  • Upper and Lower pulley
  • Bench for press bench
  • Peck deck
  • Smith station for barbell work


  • Does not have weight pates

Reasonable priced smith cage has got variety of exercise that you can do on it. You can do squats, bench presses, flys, lat pull downs and can utilize leg developer for ripped quads.

It is very affordable when it comes to the features that it has it has peck deck and bench press station which makes it worth spending your money for best workout equipment for weight loss.

Plus, it has the capacity to hold guys of up to 300lbs and it has multiple small features you will definitely going to like it.

This product has the rating of 4.2/5.

Customer Review

‘’I was looking to set up a home gym in my basement because I was sick and tired of going to “Globo-Gym” and dealing with the crowds. I needed something functional and affordable, and this is it!! Now I’m not a powerlifter or bodybuilder or anything even close, but with this set up I can do just about every exercise I can think of’’

9. Weider Ultimate Body Works

Weider Ultimate Body Woks



  • Offers more than 50 exercises
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Uses your body weight as a resistance


  • Does not have any exercise chart

This weider is the ultimate product that you should have as it is affordable and comes up with great functions which will help you in toning and shaping your body perfectly.

It has got multiple features which include 7 incline adjustment to increase the resistance 4 power bands are there which gives you resistance so that you can build your body effectively and in perfect shape which is why it is arguably the best exercise equipment for weight loss.

It is very easy to be used and portable you can fold it up once you are done top exercise machine to lose weight at home.

This product has the rating of 4.5/5.

Customer Review

‘’lots of options as to what you can do, you can even do squats with the elastic tensions attached at the bottom of it. i wish the handle bar though was a little longer but then that would change the whole packaging/design, or they should have an attachment for it as the width limits to what you can do when u do pull ups. this folds and can be stored easily, though i wished the bottom knob was designed sideways so if i was to store this lying flat i wouldn’t have any problem just sliding it in and out, but the knob seems to get in the way and wobbles the whole thing. over all i think this is a great product, perfect for cardio and toning’’

10. Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine

Marcy Smith Cage



  • Dual Cable crossover
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Weight Storage posts for Olympic posts


  • Awkward to achieve good pull up position lot of bars in the way

This cage is well designed and built for the thoroughly professional and heavy weight lifters and uses Olympic weights.

It has got wide range workout tools fly station. Peck deck station, leg exerciser, smith press bar everything you name it. Quality exercise machine to lose weight at home.

Moreover, it has got the workout chart which act as proper guide for your workout which puts is right at the top with best workout equipment for weight loss.

This product has the rating of 4.2/5.

Customer Review

‘’I purchased this from Academy Sports for $549. Incredible deal on an incredible gym. Made very well. Assembly took a while, but worth the effort. I added pull up bars, which really enhanced it. You will not find a better complete home gym with this many quality features for under $1,500’’

11. Body-Solid G10-LP

Body-Solid G-10-LP



  • Upgradeable 210lb weight stack gives 420lb resistance
  • Multiple exercise stations
  • Seat cushions with durafirm padding and lumbar support


  • Covers a lot of space
  • Take time to assemble

Fully optional machine which has multiple exercise station which includes peck station, leg station and leg extension and it can be used anywhere in office home or gym and can help you reduce a lot of weight. Definitely best machine for weight loss.

It has got weight stack which can provide you the much needed resistance if you are looking the strong muscle built and perfect body tone and shape.

Truly the best exercise machine to lose weight at home and fits the category of full body workout.

This product has the rating of 4.7/5.

Customer Review

‘’Amazing quality, solid is right. We are putting it together now and we are thrilled with the quality and sturdiness of this equipment. Reached out to seller and Wow What Terrific customer service. Justin is terrific’’

12. BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Gym

Bodycraft Xpress



  • Offers over 120 exercises
  • 2 thick pads with lumbar support
  • Precision cast iron weights
  • 200lbs tensile cables, steel ball-bearing pulleys


  • Challenging to assemble

This is the machine which has variety and it is compact as well without even compromising on the quality. It offers you over 100 exercise that you can do using this body-craft.

It has got cross-over cable, high low and mid-level pulley system, lat pull down and a leg developer which makes sure that you have proper whole body workout it is the machine to lose weight at home which you need for sure.

This machine has got the features which is usually seen to be on the larger gyms which makes it perhaps the best exercise equipment for weight loss.

This product has the rating of 3.8/5.

Customer Review

‘’I have this Home Gym now for over 6 weeks and I really love it. I am not an exercise fanatic, just someone trying to get into shape. My son and I use this Gym and we are both very impressed with how easy it is to change the set up for different exercises. I would strongly recommend this gym to anyone. It is a very well designed and manufactured piece of equipment. All you need when exercising with this machine is imagination because the number of ways it can be used appear endless’’

Exercise is very vital for every human being to be fit and function accordingly both physically and mentally. The benefits of working out are very important and fruitful it especially in our daily hectic routine it keeps our body mobile and gives us the perfect sleep at night. But to have these perks of workout from home you need to have the best home equipment for weight loss.

Now a day as the pandemic outbreak has forced everyone to stay home and change their lifestyle of living has made everyone uneasy and it is certainly very hard to survive under these circumstances. But to keep your body active and stimulated you need to have the best exercise machine to lose weight at home. This article will help you in buying the best home equipment for weight loss.

Things to be considered


The most important thing before having your own gym is how much is your budget so for that you should look at the vast range of products as much as you can as it will give you the best idea about the particular machine and it functions and once you will come to know about it you will have the best idea of spending upon it as per its functions.


The second most important thing that comes after the budget is the space you have to create your gym. If you have the 1000 square feet then you will buy the product according to your space and if you have more space than you will make the purchase accordingly. But with best and compact equipment available you can make things work for you but you should be aware about the space.


What are your goals and intent towards your home gym is very important and does your equipment has the functions that can fulfill your wish or meet the standards that you want is very important so you must check the equipment before buying as per your need.


It is very to get confuse or get lost in the mix of things as there are so many options to choose from when it comes to home gym equipment. But we have tried to narrow down or list down the top exercise machine to lose weight at home for you so that you can have the best possible idea before buying your thing. You must consider your budget, space and fitness goals before buying.





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