Best 120v Welders To Build Your Metal Parts Together

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It doesn’t look nice to always borrow or ask someone to weld your stuff. When it comes to home repairing or blacksmithing, a 120v welder will get your job done easily. Our tireless devoted researchers have done a thorough research on best 120v welders that are multifunctional, durable and reliable. And provide solid joints in result of your metal working projects.

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Hobart 500572 handler

☞ the flux core wire allows to weld up to 4.8mm steel
☞ offers a broad operating window for each wire

Things to consider before buying a best 120v welder

We are talking about the essential qualities and important features to consider before getting your hands on the best 120 volt welder.


  • Voltage of the welder will decide the quality of the joints and type of material
  • A lot of power is required to start up the process of heating and melting metal, voltage consideration is essential here
  • Less voltage welder works good enough for repairing small home projects
  • To work on larger projects you need to have a welder with higher voltage


  • After performance, size is the factor that matters a lot
  • Make sure the welder you are buying is portable and easy to carry and store anywhere
  • Portability depends on the features and power of Welders.
  • Welders range from 40lbs. to 100 of pounds. Consider your space before buying any size.


  • Safety feature include the performance of welder that automatically provide fine cuts
  • Many welding machines ends up in melting a lot of metal giving uneven arcs
  • Consider buying the machine that start working automatically when over-heated
  • Before buying the machine don’t forget to read its performance reviews

Top 7 best 120v welder


1. Hobart 500572 handler

Hobart 500572 handler

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key features:

  • the flux core wire allows to weld up to 4.8mm steel
  • offers a broad operating window for each wire
  • easy and quick adjustments for thick joints
  • to better suit your welding needs it also offers flexibility to use large or small spools of wire
  • until trigger is pulled the safety features makes wire electrically cold
  • 10 ft. Mig welding gun

The greatest quality and best 120v arc welder Hobart 50572 handler is built with the premium standards and durable parts that stands against our all the tests. It welds up to 4.8mm steel at a time.
The best component of the welder is that it permits you to effectively connect two separate info voltage repositories. It will run off a normal divider voltage and on the off chance that you unscrew in and trade it over to run off 230v.

Here you can choose 7 diverse voltage positions for 230V and 4 distinctive voltage settings for 115V. The Hobart 210 has a force yield going from 25A to 210A at 230V and 25A to 140A at 115V.

Customer reviews:
Out of many customer reviews a customer wrote that: I Bought this welder machine for portable use and small projects. Have welded up to 1/4” plate with no issues. Good investment, my 14yr old kid has also mastered it and is running some very good beads and solid welds. Have no issues so far, very happy with it

2. Forney easy weld 261

Forney easy weld 261

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key features:

  • 140 FC-I mig easy to use machine that uses0.30 flux core wire
  • It has infinite wire and voltage speed control
  • Perfect weld for entry levels
  • Gives upto 140 amp power output
  • Allows to weld mild metal and steel up to ¼ in plate
  • This lightweight welding machine is of 19 lbs easy to carry machine
  • Power cable is 15 foot long

Forney have manufactured a basic, mid-range MIG welder that is strong and solid. On the off chance that you need a fundamental 120 v welder with no unique highlights, this is a decent decision. You can weld gentle steel of a fourth of an inch by this best 120 v arc welder. It requires 120 v for information and gives 125 amp out. It is appropriate for home use and carport welding.

It is one of those “fitting and begin welding” kind of welding machine. This is a straightforward machine and can be utilized at anyplace. It works without utilizing a gas set up. This 120 v wire feed welder is sufficiently large to deal with 2 and 10 pound moves of wire. It INCLUDES an 8 inches MIG weapon, 8′ ground clasp, integrated handle with burn wrap and a 20A-15A connector. Comes with a 1 year guarantee

Customer reviews:
Many customers gave several positive reviews like: I got this after my old master craft melted down. I love the adjustable voltage. I’ve welded 1/16 metal fine and the whole way up to 1/4 inch without a problem. It’s nice and small but really powerful. Definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a little hobby welder. I use it mostly for go karts.

3. Sungold power mig welder

Sungold power mig welder

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key features:

  • 110 volt and 220 volt dual voltage inverter welder
  • Gas shielded mig welder and gasless flux-cored welding is available for machine
  • 3.0.023 – 0.039 flux and solid cored wire
  • It has adjustable wire speed and current and you can weld with different thicknesses

Sungold power mig welder has the multiple welding abilities with a list of amazing features. It has both the options of flux core and gas welding so you can utilize any of the method according to your project requirement.
It is dual voltage product that also allow the user to adjust the current speed and wire feed speed. The protective feature includes high quality cooling fans that helps it to prevent from overheating. We have found this mig welding machine a perfect pair for stainless steel and other outdoor repairs.

Customer reviews:
“As a structural steel fabricator I’ve used a lot of different welders. This is an excellent machine that delivers industrial type power on 110 or 220v (adaptor included) in an easily portable unit.”

4. arcraft inverter flux core welder

arcraft inverter flux core welder

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key features:

  • 0.35 in. flux core wire
  • Infinite wire feed speed control
  • Portable and more efficient
  • Light weight of 20 lbs.
  • big enough to handle 11 pound rolls of wires
  • cold wire startup system
  • advanced thermal overload protection feature
  • clean welds and most stable arcs with DC output

The ARCRAFT works incredible for beginner welders with its powerful inverter innovation. In case you’re going to update from a gas welder with a rough, everyday choice in 120v welding, this ARCRAFT portable wire feed welder has the speed control, advanced features, and lightweight case that you have to begin. However, it has enough changed control for specialists to get their leisure activities done in a little time.

Weight of this welder is as light as 20lbs.it is the lighter weight and increasingly proficient welder that effectively works on Do-It-Yourself thing. The advance security protection feature ensure the cold startup with a dc output. The top burden drive framework takes standard 4 in. spools. They provide a full range of proficient welding items, if you don’t mind check their shop to prepare yourself for an effective and safe welding.

Customer reviews:
I am a professional welder by trade. I got this welder to keep under my work table not to have to move my big welder next to it even time i needed to weld. It welds very well for only costing 200.00 and it hold an 11 pound spool.

5. Etosha no gas MIG welder

Etosha no gas MIG welder

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Key features:

  • includes a synergetic adjustment system
  • it has 110 voltage power
  • wire feed control and easy to operate
  • made of heavy duty stainless steel
  • provides deep penetration and good formation with less spattering
  • 14.7 lbs. lightweight with safety features included
  • Portable and easy to carry anywhere you want
  • Rectify AC input current into DC current

The 120v inverter welder specifically features the overheat protection. Subsequently, it will switch off naturally when overheated to help ensure the inner parts. This component assists with drawing out the administration life of the machine.

The welding instrument highlights water sprinkle security for a mind blowing waterproof capacity. The improved cooling framework keeps the machine inside sound temperature levels for ideal execution. The welder accompanies an ergonomically structured handle and a simple to begin circular segment for smooth experience.

These portable MIG welders utilize Ground-breaking, a devoted 110 AC and 60 Hz power input. Up to 140 Amp yield that permits you to weld mellow steel and other metal materials.

Customer reviews:
This machine is great for the house projects. And also great for the money. Just one dial adjusted and it works as advertised and even better. It works great with light weight as well as heavy weight metal sheets.

6. Longevity mig welder

Longevity mig welder

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key features:

  • Operates on standard outlet power of 110 volts
  • This powerful welder is capable of welding a 3/8 inches steel
  • Come with wires, easy to operate
  • Extremely portable and perfect for home use

This MIG Welder by Longevity is among the market’s top models. The package include almost everything a professional welder can ask for. This best mig welder for the money is a perfect alternative for master welders who don’t need an excessively mind boggling device to work.

Since it utilizes gas and motion center gasless welding, you can undoubtedly switch between these modes relying upon the situation. The unit works with the standard electrical plug. This best Chinese mig welder machine welds anything more slender than 3/8 inches.

You can anticipate that it should deal with the vast majority of your DIY and expert welding applications. The welder is easy to learn and work, which makes it an ideal starting point for those simply learning the exchange.

Customer reviews:
I have been welding for 20+ years and have used all brands of welder. This runs just as good if not better than a red white or blue welder. I’d give this 4 and a half if it was an option.

7. Everlast power ARC welder dual voltage

Everlast power ARC welder dual voltage

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key features:

  • compact and portable ARC welder with a carry case
  • 17 series standard gas valve torch
  • Lift TIG function
  • An auto adaptive hot start system

Having a double voltage welding machine is better than having a solitary voltage since it helps you to utilize the reasonable voltage for the accessible force gracefully. The 120V/240V gives you the adaptability of both 120V and 240V welding machines.

The machine flaunts a decent obligation cycle which makes it among the perfect alternatives for use in overwhelming welding ventures. This best mig welders to buy is a great piece additionally utilizes minimal and lightweight structures. These properties make moving it around the shop or home a bit of cake.

Customer reviews:
From many honest customer reviews one wrote that: I am impressed with this little welder so far, I’ve only had it in my possession for a day however I’ve put it to a test. In stick mode on 120v I burned six 1/8 6013 rods back to back without reaching the duty cycle.


Having your own gadgets at home gives a feeling of ease of next level. Working with heat and electricity might be dangerous but having all protective features in your welder can make you feel safe while working. 120 volts welders are good enough for home use as well as for professional use. In this article we have suggested some of the best performing 120v and other welders to make your buy easy.


Can we stick weld with 120 V welder?
This welding process is easier to learn than most of others. You can use this method on wide variety of metals. It allows you to easily switch rods. Stick welders are best portable mig welders and does not require a gas cylinder.

What is the best 120v mig welder?
Hobart 500572 handler is our top pick. On the other side arcraft inverter and Forney easy weld are also one of the best mig welder for home use and for professional use.

Are there any good cheap welders?
Cheap welders are also a good choice in market today. High tech machines are built with low price components that are long lasting. Forney easy weld is on the top list of best cheap 110v welders. There are also many good MIG machines with cheap prices and best budget.



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