11 Healthy Hobbies to turn your Free Time into Cash

Last updated on July 16th, 2022 at 09:51 am

Well let’s be honest we all have had a fair amount of leisure time in this lockdown which has just been a battle to not get stifled by the utter laziness which totally shut down our drive to do something that we actually enjoy doing. So, here is a list we compiled that you can do and actually be productive

Photography girl City View Rooftop


Nowadays everyone has access to a good quality camera in their pocket. So even if you don’t own a DSLR, it’s nothing to stress about. Take your mobile phone’s camera and start your journey in photography.

I personally love street photography, this is where you bring out the dullness of a typical and ordinary day and make it out to be beautiful and appreciated. Get your inspiration, the most important part of photography because without inspiration you cannot take good pictures.

Lastly, you can edit these pictures through adobe lightroom and no you don’t need a desktop or a laptop, just download the app on your phone and edit on the good.

Writing at night with Cup of tea dim light


This might seem really boring to a lot of people at first but hear me out. Writing isn’t restricted to just those poem or that dramatism. It can simply be about your day, call it a daily log of sorts. You can actually start writing about your day or past events.

Furthermore, if you don’t feel like actually writing you can type on your computer. There are just multiple ways to be creative in writing and in studies it show that writing is actually therapeutic.

ebook girl reading on balcony


This list cannot be complete without mentioning the fact that one of the healthiest hobbies to adopt is reading books. We all know how tedious it can be to actually put in the effort of just searching out good books on the internet or going to the shop to buy them and actually reading them. Even after all that we can’t kid ourselves as to these books being covered in dust while we forget we even had them.

So, let’s be technological advances and keep up with the world. Buy a cheap subscription of eBooks, pick out from the large library that is available online and listen to it while you’re cooking, driving or walking around the park. This is just the best way to finish books that you think might be really beneficial for you.

baking flour eggs


When I talk about baking this shouldn’t directly refer to all the females. Baking is absolutely a fantastic activity to adopt and it shouldn’t be gender-specific.

This is one of the best ways to enjoy your leisure time. You can literally look up and get hundreds of recipes on Youtube which you can make at your home with all the regular ingredients and no fancy stuff. 

So preheat that oven and start baking!



It takes a lot of effort to set up your lawn. If you do gardening the right way your lawn will look absolutely lush and beautiful. Visit the nursery and pick out plants that you think will look good in your house. Start planting them yourself and get the basic gist of gardening.

The key to gardening is maintenance. Buy a leaf blower to keep out all the dead leaves they fall, a lawnmower to edge out the grass, and a pair of pruning shears to cut any excess growth of plants. Develop a routine where you give at least 2 hours to this activity and you’ll have a botanical garden in your house in no time.


Cycling is a perfect way to utilize your leisure time. It builds one’s endurance and is just a great way of strengthening your muscles. Although nothing there to make money it does qualify for a top notch healthy activity.

I would recommend getting a lightweight bike so that you can easily maneuver it. If you already own a bike then you can ignore this. Now the modern way of cycling is to get a pair of truly wireless headphones, connect them via Bluetooth to your phone, have a fitness band on your wrist to monitor your vitals and stats, make a good playlist for the ride and start peddling! 


Wood Work


This is my personal favorite. Woodwork is simple an activity where you learn skills to craft out useful stuff out of plain wood. Woodwork can be done at home but be sure to have dedicated space for it as it can really be messy with all the wood dust flying around everywhere.

Basically, you don’t need any complex tools in order to engage in woodwork. One could’ve said woodwork was a dying art but now it has become really popular. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself the supplies you need and start building!


If you happen to live in a city that has a beach then surfing is one of the eBay hobbies to have. It might be really scary for some people and if you have a water phobia then this might not be for you. Signup as local trainer for surfing afterwards, start a blog or simply make a single page business on Google Maps.

There are proper instructors that will help in the basics of surfing. So initially what you’ll need is a good sturdy surfing board and if you progress through you can also get a swimsuit. Just imagine yourself hovering on those massive waves, letting loose and feeling like you’re in zero gravity! Even thinking about it gives me goosebumps.


Next on the list is fishing. Fishing really just to calm your nerves out. These days fishing has been really easy to do. You don’t actually have to invest in buying all the gear for fishing, it can be easily rented out.

One thing that should always be followed is the dress code, cargo shorts, a baggy shirt or a T-shirt, rugged boots, and that iconic fishing hat that looks like a disc hanging on your head.

Fishing is just fairly straightforward, handsome bait on your fishing rod, pull back the rod and let go, use that lever to pull out if any fish sticks. The whole rod is made to bend and deliver certain resistance and power. Call it a catapult through its working dynamics. 

Just a disclaimer: fishing is not for the impatient people because it literally tests your patience like anything.



This pandemic and the strict lockdown has made us extremely lethargic. Slouching on the count with a pack of Cheetos in our hand while watching Netflix. However, now that the overall situation is getting better it’s time that we say goodbye to Netflix and start adopting some healthy habits.

Unfortunately, it’s still not safe to go to the gym but what I would recommend you to do is get yourself a couple of resistance bands that are easily available at your local sports shop. With a resistance band, you can do multiple sorts of exercises and hit every muscle group. This variety is still something exciting and can keep you engaged not like the traditional exercise that includes jogging.  

New Soft Skills


One of the most beneficial things that you can do is invest time in learning skills that not only can help in your career but can just transform you. If you don’t know where to start, Google has some really awesome free courses and after completion, you’ll even get a certification from Google.

Just imagine the impact it will make on your resume that you’re Google Certified! Other than Google you can always look up courses on YouTube, Coursera or Domestika. All of these platforms are great and the best thing about them is that they aren’t time-bound so you can learn all the while maintaining your comfort zone.

So here was my take on some healthy hobbies to have in your leisure time. Be sure to adopt any of them according to your life dynamics.

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