[Expert’s Advise] How to Assemble a Gaming PC?

Last updated on March 18th, 2022 at 12:14 pm

One thousand dollars is an adequate budget to build a gaming PC. You can make a monster machine for 1000 dollars. Most gamers prefer a Desktop computer for gaming because its components and parts are easily upgradable and they are more powerful to handle high-graphic games.

To make a robust gaming pc, here are we mentioning the main components.

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Processor / CPU

Gaming involves the processing of a very large amount of data in a short time. So you should need to get a top-notch quality processor on your computer. The processor determines the speed of your machine. A faster processor supports your computer to keep up with the extreme demands of gaming.

While understanding a processor, the first feature to look at is the number of cores. Multiple cores make a processor vigorous and efficient. The type of processor also identifies the number of threads they’ve. The combination of cores and threads plays an effective role in the performance of your computer. The higher the cores and threads, the better the performance.

A single CPU core can have 2-threads per core and so an Octa-core processor will have 16 threads. Your gaming PC must have extra firepower that is an Octa-core processor and that can easily be added to a $1000 PC.

Video Graphic Card / GPU

Gaming desktops also need to have a dedicated graphics card. They have a noticeable effect on the quality of visuals and video games. The standard desktop for gaming has integrated GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). For running high-graphic games, a dedicated graphics card is needed.  

This dedicated graphics card will also help to perform other video-intensive activities that involve heavy-graphics such as;

  • video editing,
  • animation,
  • playing HD videos, and
  • graphic designing

The performance level of a graphic card can be measured by its model number. The higher the model number, the better result from that graphic card.

Instead of buying an expensive graphic card, it is always better to look at the graphics requirements of the games you want to play, or the software you want to run. Then you should use that requirement as a baseline for selecting your graphics card.


Random Access Memory stores temporary data in the computer during the running of your desktop. The higher number of RAM means the more things your PC will be able to perform instantaneously. The minimum RAM for a gaming PC is 8GB. But if you can get 12GB or 16GB the more performance you can get from your machine.

Blockbuster games require many different types of data to be processed at one-time. Fortunately, RAM is not an expensive piece of your computer and you can easily have 12GB or 16GB RAM in your 1000 dollars gaming PC. But before making the purchase, ensure that RAM is compatible with your motherboard.

Internal Storage / HDD

Like other factors, the internal storage capacity is also vital for storing your games on the PC. Here the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) has its role. HDD stores gaming data on rotating disks. The faster the disk revolves, the faster the drive will read/write data. The rotating speed of HDD is measured in RPM. The higher this number, the faster your PC will be.

For instance, an HDD operating at 7000 RPM will process your data much faster than a 5400 RPM hard drive. A 1000 dollars gaming PC must have a minimum of 1 Terabyte HDD.

Internal Storage / SSD

Solid State Drives are flash-based drives that are built for faster speed than HDD for storing data. Your PC will start rapidly. SSD also deliver performance in launching your heavy games, while saving the data, and during the shutdown.

SSD creates low heat and makes zero noise. Their storage capacity is quite smaller than HDD. But large-sized SSD is now becoming more common.

Cooling System

Gaming desktop generates a lot of heat while running, due to their powerful processors and graphic cards. The PC may get over-heated. There must be some sort of cooling system to keep the internal temperature of the PC in the required parameters.

Most of the latest gaming PC is equipped with heatsinks and cooling fans to cool down the desktop temperature as low as possible. Some manufacturers install a liquid coolant system to deliver an outstanding level of cooling to the PC without any additional noise.

Future Upgrade Considerations

Future upgrade considerations are also important while building your customized gaming PC. At the $1000 figure, there is always room for upgrades. You should make sure that new components are compatible with your existing hardware system. For example, if you want to upgrade the processor, then only buy that particular one that is compatible with the motherboard of your machine.

If the upgraded GPU will not provide the expected improvement, then it may be due to other weak components.  All the components must match with each other and only then your PC will be able to perform.

Graphic Cards – Intel Vs AMD

Intel dominates the world of computers in the area of processors, graphic cards, and other hardware components due to good quality. When we talk about gaming graphic cards, then AMD has more numbers and wins easily. AMD built path delivers better value and protects your PC for a longer time. Their existing latest graphics cards Ryzen APUs with Vega 11 graphics are 2.5 times faster than Intel’s UHD graphics 630.

RAM – 8GB or 16GB?

Most gamers believe that in 2021, you need to have 16GB of RAM in your machine. 16GB of RAM is ideal for gamers who want to create content, steam, or play music in the background. Video editors and 3D graphic modeling would benefit from higher RAM.

Other Components


The motherboard is the central junction point for all of your computer components. They’re built for specific socket type. It is necessary to ensure the compatibility of the motherboard socket with the processor.

Power Supply

Power Supply is measured in Watts. A normal $1000 gaming PC requires a maximum of 450W power supply. Since it is not a costly part, it is advisable to install a 650W power supply while building your gaming computer. So that in the future you do not need an upgrade in this area.

Tower Casing

Nowadays, a large variety of tower casings are available in various colors and beautiful designs, which can also make a décor item of your room. Gaming Tower cases come with RGB lighting or windows to show the visibility of RGB. While tower casing with LED lighting is another option.

Final Words

Most gamers prefer to get their desktop gaming PC assembled by computer experts or technicians from the market. It depends on the gamer which components he wants to combine and what kind of performance he wants to receive. However, you can also get to know 1500 Dollar Gaming PC.

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