10 Websites That Will Give You Super Abilities

At the moment, Twitter is in complete and utter chaos. Under Elon Musk’s watch, the company infuriates journalists, developers, and users. 

It is auctioning off the “Lamborghini of meat slicers” from its office to keep the lights on. 

The website has always had a problem with hate speech, but things have gotten much worse under his watch.

Even if it is simple to criticize Twitter and its unpredictable new owner, it is hard to deny that if you can stomach wading through the noise and stupidity on the site, it also sometimes generates some absolute gems. 

He starts the thread with the following tweet: His concise and helpful post continues to list websites that can immediately do anything from repairing your poor writing to advising you what to prepare for supper without requiring you to rush to the shop beforehand. 

You will start using at least half of the items on the list right away. You may find his advice as helpful as we did.

  • The day will come when you’ll have to pay to use a website if you go there frequently. 
  • Nevertheless, if you utilize RemovePaywall to get around the barrier so that you can read an item on a website that you don’t often visit, you won’t have any problems, “explains Bhogal.
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  • You have such a deep appreciation for the concept that drives our website. 
  • “If you’re having trouble choosing what to eat, all you have to do is tell MyFridgeFood what’s in your refrigerator, and it will tell you what kinds of meals you can prepare using the ingredients you have and how to prepare them. 
  • An excellent method for locating new culinary creations, “he explains.

You already use this website for projects where customers require consumable material, even if you wouldn’t suggest that a simple, sparse style is appropriate for every piece of writing. 

  • It works well. Bhogal agrees: “Most of us tend to use more words than are required.” 
  • Utilizing this AI copyeditor can help you cut the fluff from your work. 
  • Copy and paste your content onto the website, and the bot will highlight areas where each phrase may be strengthened.”
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  • “When you’re moving around a lot, typing might be a particularly laborious task. 
  •, on the other hand, enables you to create messages in Google Chrome merely by saying, and it is both quicker and more accurate than a human typewriter.”
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  • A time-saving for those more interested in quantitative analysis: “Forgotten an Excel formula? 
  • Explain in straightforward terms what you want ExcelFormulaBot to perform for you, and it will provide you with the formula to carry out your request.”
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  • If gaining knowledge is more important than winning the debate, consider the following option. 
  • “Google is wonderful and all, but it tends to give more weight to the most popular answers rather than the proper ones. 
  • The artificial intelligence behind Consensus. app scours the most recent academic research for evidence-based responses.”
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  • Additionally, you may begin making full use of this one: “You are required to supply an email address more and more often in order to access websites or sign up for services. 
  • This almost always results in junk mail being sent to your inbox. 
  • 10minutemail allows you to generate temporary email accounts so you can keep your primary one secure.”
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  • Bhogal also suggests using another technique to get out of your information bubble. 
  • This instrument is as follows: “When you are online, it is simple to get isolated in groups of people who share your viewpoints and to never have those beliefs questioned.
  • Kialo gives you a more accurate representation of the world around you by illuminating the strongest points of contention on opposing viewpoints.”
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  • This one has the potential for misuse (unless we want books authored by affluent people, writers need to be paid). 
  • Still, it seems like it may help discover books licensed under the Creative Commons: “a pdf search engine that enables users to download and read free versions of more than 80 million books.”
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  • TinyWow is an online toolbox that allows you to do hundreds of different operations on your files, such as modifying PDFs, converting films to GIFs, and eliminating backgrounds from photographs.






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