10 Most Promising Startups in January 2023

A well-established and extensive personal and professional network can make all the difference between a direct path to business growth and success and a frustrating and potentially unproductive cycle of struggle.

Attending one of these top conferences is the best way to meet new and prominent individuals in your field.

1. Impact Food

Impact Foods, based in San Francisco, combines plants’ nutritious power with the most recent advancements in biotechnology to create a nutrient-dense, flavorful, and sustainable plant-based seafood.

  • Impact Foods is a female-owned and -operated company committed to advancing the development of sustainable, conscientious, and compassionate plant-based alternatives to seafood. 
  • Their science-based progressive beliefs are sure to gain traction in the increasing push to ensure that the world can support diversified life for future generations.

2. Wega Labs

Wega Labs is a Web3 game production studio that focuses on creating games with a heavy emphasis on gameplay and functionality. 

The first official game release from Wega Labs, Cricinshots, is a futuristic cricket strategy game that challenges players to build an interstellar team and engage in league play against opponents.

  • Those prepared to look beyond the proverbial box have virtually unbounded growth potential in the video game industry. 
  • The innovative incorporation of a wildly popular traditional sport into a futuristic setting by Wega Labs raises the competitive ante. 
  • It piques player interest across various sports genres, making them a developer to watch.
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3. Return

Return, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, manufactures AI-powered B2B software to enhance enterprise sales and marketing management. 

The Return platform provides enterprise firms with an intuitive dashboard for measuring the return on investment of their diverse sales and marketing campaigns.

  • The cost of sales and marketing is one of the significant expenses faced by business owners and is vital to a company’s growth and continuous success. 
  • Return is a valuable tool that enables business owners and marketing teams to understand the impact of their marketing efforts at a glance, allowing them to pivot as necessary to maximize marketing ROI. 
  • Return offers a highly relevant instrument that gives genuine financial benefit to the corporate community, making it a safe bet for further growth in the foreseeable future.

4. Tangibly

Seattle-based Tangibly is a legally enforceable information management platform developed to assist business owners in protecting their intellectual property and trade secret rights.

With the ever-increasing prevalence of corporate warfare, cyberattacks, piracy, and other forms of intellectual property theft. 

  • Tangibly provides business owners with a user-friendly method for protecting their company’s trade secrets in a way recognized by the regulatory bodies responsible for enforcing intellectual property rights. 
  • The fact that the service that Tangibly provides is both timely and valuable positions it well for future success.
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5. Perform

Perform is an app-based, interactive running coach driven by artificial intelligence and professional coaching in the real world. 

Perform uses cutting-edge technology to deliver an interactive, individualized running program to help people achieve their fitness objectives, from couch potatoes to professional athletes.

  • Perform offers a user-friendly, multilayered approach to exercise motivation that combines the accessibility and functionality of artificial intelligence (AI) with the personal support and encouragement of a professional running coach. 
  • This innovative blend of the finest of technology and the greatest of the human aspect makes Perform a formidable competitor in the fitness app market.

6. Green Places

Green Places, situated in Raleigh, North Carolina, provides a unique suite of services to help small business owners achieve sustainability criteria. 

Green Places assists business owners in calculating their carbon footprint and offers alternatives for small enterprises to pool their resources to purchase carbon credits.

Frequently, it is difficult for small enterprises to meet current sustainability criteria. 

  • Green Places plays a vital role in assisting small businesses to satisfy these legislated requirements by combining their limited resources with those of other small enterprises to maximize their effect. 
  • Green Spaces also communicates the company’s carbon-reduction initiatives and sustainability policies to internal and external stakeholders, ensuring that the company receives the credit it deserves for its efforts.
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7. Language

Linguix, with headquarters in Miami, Florida, offers an artificial intelligence-based writing assistant tool meant to identify and correct common 

English spelling and grammar errors in hand-typed texts throughout the web. Linguini’s browser extension can detect and repair errors in text entry fields on a wide variety of web-based platforms, including Gmail, Asana, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more.

  • Linguix is not merely an additional AI-based writing assistant. 
  • Linguini’s unique ability to identify and correct common English spelling and grammar errors in real time across a wide range of websites and social media platforms offers real-world value to web users who lack the time or motivation to pull out a dictionary for every web entry, email, or post they compose. 
  • Linguix is the ideal tool for navigating this new world as online communication becomes increasingly prevalent.

8. Parallel Health

Parallel Health, situated in San Francisco, is a new skincare company revolutionizing skincare customization. 

Parallel Health is transforming the skincare business with customized, microbial-based formulations.

Parallel Health utilizes best-in-class tailored testing to understand each individual’s specific skin conditions comprehensively. 

  • The company is committed to producing tailored, science-based skincare treatments that work with each client’s unique biology to nourish the skin and alleviate the symptoms of common skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and others. 
  • Parallel Health’s hyper-personalized, science-based approach to skincare will garner significant attention in the beauty and health industries.

9. Mobilize

It is an electric vehicle (EV) charging station and mobility company in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Mobilize, a company founded by MIT alums aims to promote the continuous growth of the burgeoning electric vehicle market by making it simple and economical for business owners to build and utilize the charging stations and infrastructure required to encourage EV adoption.

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  • It employ advanced AI-based technologies to assist business owners in deploying electric vehicle charging stations more efficiently and affordably. 
  • They accomplish this objective by purchasing the necessary electric vehicle charging infrastructure and leasing it to business owners at a cheap monthly rate. 
  • By subsidizing a significant portion of the cost of electric car charging equipment deployment, Mobilize is helping to lessen the risks associated with EV infrastructure installation, encouraging more business owners to support the EV industry now and in the future.

10. Trendsapio

Trendsapio is a digital incubator and global creative talent and innovation marketplace with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois that caters to a worldwide audience. 

Its purpose is to showcase the artistic and entrepreneurial journeys of aspiring, new, and established artists and entrepreneurs in the fashion, fitness, film, and fine arts industries. 

Trendsapio was founded to offer a secure environment where artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs worldwide may feel inspired, motivated, and encouraged to pursue their best dreams.

  • They aim to stimulate the creativity and productivity of artists and entrepreneurs by providing them with the platform and tools required to form profitable collaborations with other artists and entrepreneurs and the means to monetize and promote their work in order to achieve true economic independence. 
  • As evolving cultural norms have begun to place a more significant value on the creativity and invention of outside-the-box thinkers, 
  • Trendsapio is ideally positioned to assist creatives and entrepreneurs in expanding and capitalizing on their talents as we enter this new era.

Advantages And Disadvantages


1. Agility

  • Startups are more compact and need to be more organized. 
  • Additionally, they are inventive and continuously enhance their business strategies, processes, and portfolio. 
  • These characteristics enable them to respond to innovative technology and shifting market conditions. 
  • Established rivals must contend with vested interests, a well-established path, and a robust team culture. Consequently, they are resistant to change.

2. Effectiveness (Lean and Mean)

  • Established businesses incur substantial administrative expenses. Startups provide services that are more effective, economical, and competitive. 
  • They tend to recognize their shortcomings and concentrate on their fundamental strengths. 
  • Consequently, they form partnerships with other small organizations. Customers typically gain from a superior value proposition.
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3. Team Culture

  • Large firms recruit employees with their status and high wages. 
  • They frequently need to catch up on the company’s vision, goal, core principles, and customer success. 
  • Employees of a startup develop a close-knit community that shares common interests, beliefs, and values. 
  • They must collaborate for the company, its consumers, and the globe.

4. Personalization

  • Startups provide their goods and services with an individual touch. This delivers a personalized experience for their clients. 
  • Startups invest time in researching and comprehending their clients’ business requirements. 
  • This enables them to establish long-lasting relationships with targeted offerings and adaptable solutions.

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5. Versatility

  • Employees of a startup multitask, and the salesperson may also serve as the relationship manager. 
  • This contributes to the continuity of client relationships and allows startups to respond to situations. 
  • Most startups encourage learning and have a higher error tolerance. Both aspects boost the adaptability of personnel at a company.

6. Adaptability

  • Your firm may have particular product and service requirements. 
  • These requirements may be provided by something other than established service providers with an inflexible business model. 
  • Startups are adaptable and more likely to work at your preferred hours, location, and manner.

7. Fun

  • Working with a startup could be far more enjoyable. 
  • A startup does not have to please everyone and may choose to engage with pleasant clients. 
  • In a startup, it is much simpler to organize spontaneous after-work activities. 
  • Your coworkers may become your closest pals.
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1. Risk

  • The chance of failure is substantial, as most new businesses fail during their first year. Working under such high risk might cloud the strategic vision of a startup. 
  • Consequently, they either need to catch up on market possibilities or overshoot sales predictions. 
  • High risk hampers a startup’s ability to attract experienced and qualified employees.

2. Remuneration

  • It takes blood, sweat, and tears to develop a firm, and startups are accustomed to working long hours. 
  • Because it takes time to produce income and make a profit, the incentives may be low. 
  • Some startups fail because working without sufficient compensation is demoralizing.

3. Market Availability

  • Many customers favor an established company over a brand-new upstart. Additionally, maintaining existing clients is more costly than gaining existing ones. 
  • Without a customer base, it isn’t easy to comprehend market requirements. 
  • Combined, these variables raise the price of business development for startups.
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4. Team Membership

  • Some firms are founded due to the founder’s inability to find or maintain employment. 
  • Such founders frequently need help to assemble the necessary staff for the company’s success. 
  • A successful startup requires co-founders with complementary personalities and skill sets. Even so, conflicts arise when circumstances get difficult.

5. Resources

  • Growth hacking, cloud computing, and venture capitalism enable market penetration for entrepreneurs. 
  • Most startups operate on a minimal budget compared to their well-resourced competitors. 
  • It provides an advantage to competitors in product development, sales, and marketing. 
  • When startups pose a threat, they use this advantage to drive them off the market.

6. Processes

  • Startups are non-hierarchical enterprises devoid of specified business processes and operational procedures. 
  • This leaves them vulnerable to inadequate customer service, legal liabilities, and financial damages. 
  • Therefore, startups may outsource non-essential business activities to external service providers. However, the related costs may be prohibitive.
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7. Stress

  • Working for a startup may be both enjoyable and challenging. Low pay, an abundance of duties, and long work hours are generally expected. 
  • Work becomes miserable when legal prosecution, imminent business loss, and shouting consumers are added.

Final Words:

As 2022 concludes and we move into 2023, the early-stage startup space is filled with high-quality competitors, which is excellent news. 

We believe that the greater the quantity, the greater the happiness. The more unconventional thinking and innovative companies that challenge the status quo, the faster we can all advance. 

The ten early-stage enterprises on our list are the ones to watch in 2023, although many innovative concepts and ground-breaking businesses are in the startup pipeline.

This concludes our 2023 guide to the top 10 startup conferences and events. Today, begin noting the dates of your favorite meetings on your calendars. 

These events are popular and tend to sell out quickly; therefore, you should book the finest events as soon as possible. 

Now, your networking skills and initiate the relationship-building process that will propel your startup to the next level.



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