10 Essential Everyday Carry Gadgets for Emergencies

Last updated on April 3rd, 2023 at 05:48 pm

EDC tools already have a great vibe. Nevertheless, they reach a new level of awesomeness when they can save your life. 

See these little lifesavers to understand what we mean. Are you always searching for the newest and best technology to include in your EDC? 

This blog article is for you, then! We’ve developed a list of 10 essential EDC tools that, in a variety of circumstances, may just save your life. 

These practical tools offer you the advantage in life-or-death situations, whether they involve accidents or medical crises.

Do you need to monitor your heart rate? After that, put your wallet’s KardiaMobile personal EKG monitor inside. 

A medical-grade EKG is provided by its top-notch sensors in a matter of seconds, and the procedure is quite simple.

The Garmin Messenger is just another of our favorite life-saving EDC devices. While you’re disconnected from the grid, a satellite communicator enables you to stay in touch with your loved ones.

When you have these life-saving EDC tools, you can be ready for the unexpected. Look at them down below!

1. You can get a medical-grade EKG with the KardiaMobile personal EKG monitor, which is portable. It costs $79 on Amazon.

With the help of the KardiaMobile personal EKG monitor, keep a watch on your pulse. 

Just put your thumbs or fingers on the sensors to check for AFib and other disorders; it captures a medical-grade Electrocardiogram in a matter of seconds.

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2. The vintage-inspired brass and copper style of the Barebones Edison Light Stick fits in your bag. Get it from the official website for $74.99.

With the Barebones Edison Light Stick, your EDC will have a little bit of antique flair. This portable 2-in-1 flashlight and lantern is perfect for camping and storing in your emergency bag.

3. Even when you’re off the grid, the Garmin inReach Messenger satellite communicator keeps you in touch with your loved ones. The brand’s website lists the price as $299.99.

When you have a Garmin inReach Messenger satellite communicator, you can stay in touch even when there is no cellular service. 

You may text using satellite or cellular networks and send an SOS to the Garmin coordination center by connecting it with the Garmin Messenger app. 

One of our favorite everyday carry items that could well save your life.

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4. Your portable gadgets may operate on the mophie powerstation pro AC while maintaining critical power. You may get it on the business website for $199.95.

With the mophie powerstation pro AC, you can give your EDC more power. 

It provides you with backup power by simultaneously charging up to 4 gadgets. It will provide up to five full charges for your smartphone.

5. You can monitor your temperature anywhere with the Withings Thermo smart temporal thermometer. Get it on Amazon for $89.80.

The Withings Thermo smart temporal thermometer lets you monitor your health from anywhere. 

It is quick, FDA-cleared, portable, and assures that you can monitor variations in body temperature while you’re out and about.

7 Real-Life Examples of EDC Kits - Primal Survivor
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6. The pocket-sized James The Palmer EDC utility box cutter is offered in a variety of vibrant colors. The official website has it on sale for $59 there.

Always carry a James The Palmer EDC utility box cutting knife with you. It’s simple to carry with you everywhere you go because to its pocket-friendly size and handy lanyard. 

Pick the 6 stunning hues that best suit your style. One of the greatest EDC tools, it could well save your life.

7. The SOS-capable 4-mode LED lighting and flask are both included in the VSSL Flask SOS bottle & flashlight. On the brand’s website, it is $120.

The VSSL Flask SOS bottle & flashlight will help you be ready for emergencies on your next excursion. 

In addition to holding 8 ounces of your preferred beverage, it has a 4-mode LED lighting with SOS capability.

8. A variety of tools that are useful in an emergency are combined into the Titanium Multipurpose Pry Bar. It’s available for $129 on Indiegogo.

The best all-purpose EDC tool is the titanium multifunctional pry bar. It is made of lightweight, corrosion-resistant Gr5 titanium and includes a screwdriver, an eternal pen, a window breaker, and other tools.

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9. During bad weather, the Clic-Light wearable smart LED bike signal makes you visible to other cars. On Amazon, it costs $89 to buy.

With the wearable smart LED bike signal from Clic-Light, you can make sure you’re visible on the road. 

This little, flexible device attaches to your backpack and is perfect for speed walkers and bikers alike, making it to our list of the greatest EDC tools that might save your life.

10. You can travel without looking at a screen thanks to the WearWorks WAYBAND haptic smart band with a map app. Buy it from Amazon for $249.

The WearWorks WAYBAND haptic smart band helps you stay focused when you’re walking, riding, or jogging. 

It uses haptic sensations to indicate you which way to turn. It even allows you to develop and share unique routes and is discreet and safe.




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