10 common laptop-buying mistakes you should know

Do not rush!

Buying a laptop can be intimidating for some, which does not mean that you just have to get done with the task. Thinking rationally about the decision you are going to make plays a crucial role in getting the most out of your purchase. Always be practical to your needs and requirements before you jump onto the final decision.

You will find a wide range of configurations, models, prices, features, and whatnot when it comes to finding the best laptop without compromising the quality in accordance with the price. It is not always the price or the appearance and advertisement that makes any laptop the best.

10 common mistakes to avoid while choosing a laptop

Not to regret your purchase later, here are the most common mistakes people make while choosing the best laptops with high resolution screens.

1. Setting your budget

The first and foremost, is setting your budget as the price fluctuates as per the features any laptop possesses. If you have a set budget in your mind, you will most probably have to exclude a lot of essential features that are today’s necessity. You definitely do not want your bargain to turn out to be a dud.

Especially if you are going to purchase a second-hand laptop, it is important to look out for the price history with authentic websites. There can be various possibilities that can significantly affect your purchase, for instance, if the laptop is roughly the same price as its sale price then it is not a good deal. The other possibility is setting your budget may limit you to go for the basic laptop that fits your budget.

2. Preferring design over function

You may get lured away with appealing designs rather than how powerful a laptop is when it comes to functionality. Speaking of the functionality, here are some things you must consider before making a purchase, such as;

  • Refresh rate
  • Screen resolution
  • Hardware
  • Memory
  • Cooling, etc

Whereas striking a perfect balance between design and functions is important as prioritizing function over design does not mean that you must overlook the benefits of an ergonomic design, such as;

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • Compact

3. Obsessing over one component

Well, higher RAM is overrated! Know that a good RAM size as per your needs and requirements should be just enough. Keeping additional RAm than your need will not benefit you in any way. As the laptops with higher RAM size would cost you more. How about investing that money in any other component that can be of great advantage?

4. Overlooking your peripherals compatibility

If you are not into investing additional bucks in peripheral devices for your new laptop, make sure the next laptop you purchase works with what you have right now. For instance, if most of your peripheral devices are UBS-A go for a device that supports USB-A.

5. Looking for the cheapest deals

Going for the cheapest deal when it comes to buying a laptop can be of more harm than benefit as it will not solve your needs and requirements to their full potential. The prices are usually pulled down because of missing features or either cheaper components that do not last the time they should. Not to miss the latest features and high-performance components, it is important to have a list of what do you need the most in a laptop. For instance, if you are going to purchase a laptop for gaming, balancing out the RAM or graphics card with other components that are of less importance is the way to go.

6. Extended warranties

If you are not an adventurer with a laptop, there is no need to go for extended warranties. If you need a laptop for your workstation or home and there is less to no chance of a laptop getting damaged or stolen during the commute, there is no need to go for an extended warranty as it will be useless. You can rather opt for better laptop specs or design, whatever suits you the best.

7. Paying no heed to customer reviews

As per the experience, customer reviews are the most authentic when it comes to knowing the best performance in real-time rather than settling for marketing or advertising. Solely depending on a salesperson is not the perfect way to choose a laptop as they are mostly biased because all they want is to push for the sale. Before entering the market, understand your product. It will not only help you narrow down your perfect choice but also helps in knowing the shortcomings of a particular product.

8. Tempted by convertibles

Fascinating unique convertibles and touchscreens are no doubt tempting but they do come at a price. Even at higher prices, convertibles are neither good value for money as a tablet or a laptop. You can always invest separately in a laptop and a table for the best performance and functionality experience.

9. Size does create a difference

Choosing the right size creates a whole difference in the performance of a laptop. Just for the sake of portability and compact, good-looking design, do not go for a laptop that comes with a smaller display as in the long-run they can be a problem. Smaller display means, smaller keyboard, and smaller touchpad that can be really uncomfortable for bigger tasks. Just like smaller screens, a screen bigger than your very requirement can also be a problem if you are highly mobile with your laptop. So the best option is to go for a size in between, such as 14-inch laptops offer the best display without compromising the display and other component sizes along with portability.

10. No investment in a cooling pad

Keeping the best performance under consideration, it is important to accompany your laptop with a cooling pas as most of the time the laptops are places on the lap, sofa, couch or bed that highly decreases the cooling efficiency of a laptop. It will be worth investing in a cooling pad as they are not very expensive but are of great use.

Buying a laptop, you must be confident enough about what your needs and requirements are along with what makes any laptop worth investing your time, money, and effort. Getting online and doing a bit of research can save you from trouble in the long run. Always keep the specs, features, durability, and performance the deciding factor while making a purchase for a laptop and not appearance or price.

Get done with your homework before getting into the market.



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